Noida: These women entrepreneurs are writing their own success stories
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Noida: These women entrepreneurs are writing their own success stories

Meet Shikha, a resident of Supertech Capetown, who runs a business of toys from her society

Noida: These women entrepreneurs are writing their own success stories

The highrises of Noida house not only numerous families but are quarters to several small businesses that are run from home. There are many women entrepreneurs who run their small scale enterprises from their homes while also juggling the duties of being a homemaker.

Meet S. Aishwarya Anand, a resident of Golf Avenue2, sector 75, who originally hails from Chennai.

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She is a banker by profession and a mother of a 7-years old and a one-month-old. Apart from being a banker, she serves authentic South Indian delicacies straight from her kitchen, which is known as 'Aishu's kitchen'. In her menu, she includes a huge range of South Indian food such as podi dosa, idli sambhar, plain dosa, appam with coconut milk, onion uttapam, sambhar rice, kattan chai among others. Apart from these South Indian delicacies, she also serves North Indian cuisine like jeera aloo, curd rice with potato curry, coconut milk, pulao, vermicelli upma.

On being asked about her journey, she says, "I was very passionate about cooking. Since childhood, I was always interested to open a kitchen to sell food. But I didn't get the platform to make it happen. After marriage, I got a supportive husband with whose support, I made my dream come true."

She says that September 5, 2020, is a lucky day for her, as that is the foundation day for her Aishu's kitchen. She tells us that she was nervous before opening this venture. However, one day when she put a message about opening this kitchen in the social group, she instantly got 25 orders. All the neighbours showed good interest in South Indian food. Her phone kept ranging for repeat orders for the next day too and that's how her journey started.

One of the most interesting aspects of this business is that both husband and wife are working and both are simultaneously running Aishu's Kitchen as well. She says that even her 7-years-old daughter helps her in packing tiffins. She receives orders from several societies from different sectors.

She earlier decided to only serve on weekends. However, as her food got popular, she decided to serve it throughout the week. On regular weekdays, she serves breakfast and late-night snacks and on weekends, she serves proper south Indian food. Her main motto is not to earn. She says, "During the second wave, we served food to the Covid patients."

Meet Himani Rathore, a resident of Paramount, Crossings Republic who works for Shiva Pure company from her home.

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The company is owned by her friend. Himani is well-read and strong-headed. She lost one of her eyes last month due to an accident and still, she decided to handle the branding, marketing and sales of the company from the four walls of her flat in Noida. They manufacture their products in a factory in Rohtak and Himani is helping them in expanding the venture to the best of her abilities.

Aiming to make it a brand, they are soon taking up space in a commercial complex for this venture. This duo of mother and daughter are busy making it big. Her mother, Shashi Rathore, is also handling the sales in NCR region. Their products are unadulterated and have no preservatives and sugar. They are currently selling multi-floral honey, uni floral honey and Peanut butter. She says, "I am helping to reach out to as many customers as possible, supply to help in marketing and promotional aspect. I keep whole stock for easy supply".

Himani worked as a creative director and served in the tv industry for 6 years. And now, due to the loss of an eye, she is on rest for some time. However, her willingness and dedication kept her going.

Meet Shikha, a resident of Supertech Capetown, who runs a business of toys from her society and is on her way to open a toy showroom in Spectrum Mall, Noida soon.

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Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is also a mother of two. She holds a degree in MBA and was earlier settled in Bangalore. After moving to Noida, she started this business. Before the toy business, she also tried her luck in the cake business. However, she was not happy with this business as she was not baking the cakes, just taking orders and forwarding them to a third party.

With the investment of only rupees 1900, now she is earning good profit from her business. She purchases toys at wholesale rate and sells them to her customers at retail price. She also has a wide variety of toys with her. She says, “I still remember the days when I went to deliver toys while carrying my infant son in one hand. Now, we have a delivery boy who delivers in every society of Noida without any delivery charges. I have firm faith in giving quality products, and due to this reason, today I am getting love and appreciation of people."