Munnar: A scenic expression of Romance
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Munnar: A scenic expression of Romance

After reading this article, we assure you that you'll book a Munnar Trip.

Munnar: A scenic expression of Romance

Green as far as the eyes can see! That would be the most appropriate and perfect way to describe Munnar – the picturesque and charming hill station getaway of Kerala. Nestled in the western ghat mountain ranges, Munnar hill station offers splendid views and an equally pleasant climate that complements the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful tea town. No wonder it is popularly referred to as the 'Kashmir of South India'. Any journey to the romantic places in Kerala would be incomplete without a delightful escape to Munnar! Such is the beauty and popularity of this hill station that it has enthralled and encouraged several travellers to visit this destination and include it in their Kerala packages, at least once in their lifetime.

Remember, Dhruv and Kavya's real romance in Little Things has to be the reason why when the first season dropped in 2016, 14 million viewers watched it. More than that, we were really overjoyed that they shot Little Things season 4 in Kerala. The beauty of Munnar, as shown in the series, is stunning, isn't it?

They say 'Love is always in the air' and Munnar is the best place to visit, and after reading this article, we assure you that you'll book a Munnar Trip.

How To Reach Munnar?

Are you wondering how to reach Munnar? Reaching here is not a difficult task at all. With comfortable services via air, rail and road, you can reach Munnar with ease.

By Air:
Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport, which is about 125 km away from Munnar. The Cochin airport is well-linked with all the major cities of India and also with cities around the world. A number of taxi services are operated from the airport to Munnar and thus you can reach Munnar from Cochin.

By Rail:
Kochi or Ernakulam is the nearest major railway station. The Kochi or Ernakulam Junction connects various parts of India including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Mangalore etc to Munnar. Aluva is the nearest railway station, at about 110 kilometres. However, it is not a major railway station and it is not connected to cities across the country.

By Road:
Munnar has a well-established road network with state and national highways connecting Munnar to various parts of the country. You can either board the buses from the bus station or hire a car to reach Munnar. Hire a car and enjoy the beautiful views whilst on the road, breathing in the cool mountain breeze.

The weather

It is always the best time to visit Kerala and the same goes for Munnar. But Munnar is at its best during the Winters. With the end of the Monsoon, the atmosphere starts getting greener with a pleasant temperature during the months of January and February.

Places to visit in Munnar

Munnar is the perfect destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat in the Western Ghats. There's no dearth of tourist attractions and things to do in and around Munnar. All of them are perfect to spend the entire vacation with your partner. For a blissful vacation in Kerala, make sure you do the things listed below.

Visit a Tea Plantation and Tea Factory


Any trip to Kerala begins and ends with Tea. Tea is all around you in this verdant countryside. The climate and altitude of Munnar have made the valleys of this region ideal for growing species, especially Tea. Tea is the primary cash crop since the colonial period. Though there are plenty of tea estates, you simply can't hop over the fence and visit the tea plantations. These plantations are privately owned and trespassing is strictly forbidden.

If you plan on taking a tour across the estates, visit the tea factory museum here.

Hiking in Munnar

Credit:Travel Triangle 

Some of the best hikes in Munnar (note that all have to be done only with a guide)

Trekking through the Tea Plantations: A variety of half-day and full-day tea plantation treks are offered in Munnar. They are the best option if you really want to get out and see the landscapes. These treks aren't that challenging or long adventures. The average length of treks ranges between 10-12 km and 16-20 km.

Phantom Mountain Hike: It is a short but picturesque hike. It includes an ascent of 400 metres. The views on this hike are wonderful. Meesapulimala Trek: This hike is the most appealing hike to many tourists. At about 40 km outside of Munnar, it involves a decent drive and about 4-6 hours of walking. The trail leads to a wonderful mountaintop way above the clouds.

Guesthouse Hikes: One final option is the guesthouse hikes. All you have to do is to stay at a locally-run guesthouse. The owner of theseguesthouses takes the guests out on a short and secret hike.

Note: Not all guest houses offer a hike.

Try a Thali

Credit: Munnar Holiday

Served on a banana leaf, a thali involves at least six small dishes which cover the six different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy in a single balanced meal.

This Keralan meal is served with mountains of fat spotted rice which is only available here. It is commonly served as a quick lunch and is simply called a 'meal' or 'meals' on the menu in Kerala.

Visit a Spice Farm

Visiting a spice farm is a surreal experience. Here, you get to understand how pepper, cardamom, turmeric, and ginger grow and some owners do explain the medicinal properties of every spice. This tour will be a subtle reminder about how we take the roots of our food completely for granted.

Get Photo Clicked

Doesn't a roadside viewing point overlooking hillside tea gardens and green forests and mountains sound perfect to spend time? That is what describes the next romantic place in Munnar, Photo Point. Located 3 km from Munnar on the way to Mattupetty, the Photo Point is simply a curve on the roads of Nilgiri Hills but the experience and weather if offered are unlike any other place.

Also, if you miss out on some amazing couple images, it is your time to shine and make the perfect couple photo to remember forever. No entrance fee, no hassle and simply quality time your sweetheart. The majestic views of the hills, mountains and valleys here justify why this is one of the best places to visit in Munnar.

Kalari Kshethra

Credit: Trip Advisor

Not the most romantic but if you two are into some offbeat things to do and places to visit in Munnar, then Kalari Kshethra is an ideal place to visit. It is among the most enlightening and inspiring experiences to treasure in Kerala.

You can witness a traditional form of 'Martial Arts' called Kalaripayattu that originated in Kerala some 3000 years ago. There are four dividends of this art form that will provide you with a unique experience. A mix of adventure, tradition, and culture, this is one of the best things to do in Munnar on a honeymoon.

Eravikulam National Park

Credit: Holidify

Couples who love to be in nature around animals and love to witness the rich and abundant wildlife of India must head to Eravikulam National Park in Munnar. Considered to be one of the prime tourist places in Munnar, a tour of this park can be adventurous yet romantic when you will experience the thrill together.

Right? Eravikulam National Park is home to the exotic Nilgiri Tahr, which is an animal found in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The weather, the mesmerizing views, and the trekking paths of this national park will enhance your experience to the next level.

Munnar is known for its magical beauty. Its captivating beauty makes your holiday more fun-frolic and memorable.

Here's a list of 5 most stunning places to visit in Munnar;

Mattupetty Dam

Credit: Picnicwale

A water reservoir in the Idukki district is located about 13km from the heart of the hill station. Owing to the availability of water, it has an exotic range of flora and fauna thriving around it. If luck favours, you will also be able to spot Asiatic Elephants here.

Kundala Lake

Credit: Pinterest

This artificial lake is located about 20 km from Munnar. It is well-known for its bountiful beauty and charm. This lake serves as a hotspot for nature lovers and is also home to 'NeelaKurunji', a flower that blooms once in twelve years.

Top Station

Credit: Thrillophilia

Enjoy panoramic views of the Western Ghats, here in Top Station. Located about 40 km from Munnar, Top Station offers an amazing view of the most gorgeous valleys in Munnar.

Mattupetty Dairy Farm

Credit: Holidify

The Mattupetty Dairy Farm is known for its Indo-Swiss dairy farm. A visit to this dairy farm should not be missed at any cost; its locale makes it one of the most picturesque places to visit in Munnar.

Echo Point

Credit: Kerala Tourism

The Mattupetty Dairy Farm is known for its Indo-Swiss dairy farm. A visit to this dairy farm should not be missed at any cost; its locale makes it one of the most picturesque places to visit in Munnar.

Whether it is a romantic trip or not, every couple has their own taste of interest, things, and places they love to explore when on a trip. So, these were the top places to visit in Munnar for couples. A little adventure, nature, and a lot of romance is all you need to make this trip to Munnar successful and full of romance. Explore these romantic places in Munnar at your own pace and make memories to cherish forever.