Ways to motivate your little ones to exercise
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Ways to motivate your little ones to exercise

Here we bring some simple tips and tricks you can follow to get your kids to exercise.

Ways to motivate your little ones to exercise

Regular physical exercise is an important factor that contributes to the overall health of an individual, especially in the long run. It boosts an individual’s endurance and improves muscle strength. Regular physical exercise also protects you from the risk of chronic diseases and maintains a healthy weight. Many people think exercising is a process to start at a certain age but experts reveal that reality is somewhat different.

Exercise is important for all age groups, from children to the elderly. However, with the advent of video games and after the Covid hit, most kids are seen spending their time in front of screens. This has led to an increase in sedentary lifestyles resulting in many physical illnesses. Experts say kids who are unfit and do not follow a healthy lifestyle are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease and obesity at an early stage in life.

It is thus, very important to encourage kids to engage in some sort of physical activity. Here we bring some simple tips and tricks you can follow to get your kids to exercise.

Be a role model- Children tend to pick up their parents' habits whether they are good or bad, so if your little one sees you being physically active and having fun, they’re more likely to participate.

Be physically active in daily life: Adopt a lifestyle with more physical movement. For example, go for a walk every evening, choose stairs instead of elevators or escalators, take your kid out for cycling or skating.

Include kids in household activities: Involve your kids in any household chores. This helps them build confidence and a deeper connection with their parents. You can take their help in work like mopping, asking for a car, or dusting, it is an opportunity to sneak in a little physical activity.

Give gifts that promote physical activity: Gift your kids something that promotes physical exercise like rollerblades, bicycles, ice skates, hula hoop, soccer balls, and even active-play video games. These games will not only make your little ones happy but also help with fun physical activities.

Limit TV and computer time: Instead of taking interest in television shows, you can give kids some fun-loving options like joining a local recreation centre or after-school program or taking lessons in a sport.

Stay healthy and motivate your little ones.