CitySpidey's women on 'International Women's Day'
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CitySpidey's women on 'International Women's Day'

The day holds a different meaning for different people

CitySpidey's women on 'International Women's Day'

Much like women across the world, 'International Women's Day' also carries with it the load of different opinions. The headlines of 'female' achievers take over all the sites and social media gets brimmed with posts 'appreciating' women. However, the day holds different meanings for different people. This Women's day, the women of CitySpidey team speak on what the day means for them.

Damini Yadav,

Feature Writer, says, "I celebrate this day just as I celebrate my birthday. Every day I get up and go about my work, however, on one day, I celebrate my birth, and just like that, on this day, I celebrate my feminine identity. A lot of people question the concept of celebrating women on one day but I think that even acknowledging women and their contribution for even a day is a good thing and I welcome it."

Tenzin Yangzom Zongo Tsang,

Video Editor, says, "I think very strongly that the day should be a holiday. It is the only day when women and their contributions and achievements are celebrated. And yes, it is a fairly good point that the celebration of women shouldn't be reduced to just one day. But at least it is better than nothing. It is one step at a time."

Palak Nagar,

Social Media Manager, says, "I am of the opinion that women should be celebrated daily. This day might be special but it doesn't hold any meaning for me. Today, we celebrate female achievers and on other days, we refuse to provide them with equal opportunities. Our roads are unsafe for women just as the sun sets and sexism is very prevalent in almost all workspaces. I think our focus should be on such things or at least, these are the things that should be talked about on this day."

Anjulika Baa,

Graphic Designer, says, "Women are oppressed every day and everywhere, even though we are equally able. It is a day to 'celebrate' women but that is very convenient, especially after they are devoid of equal opportunities and a safe environment. Yes, we should celebrate the day but more importantly, we should talk about things that can bring to fore more women achievers."

Alvira Nasir,

Sub Editor, says, "It is not just a day but when you look back in history, it has been an entire movement done by women for themselves. Women's day is a part of that movement. When we talk about Senecca Convention, the feminists around the world felt the contribution and achievements of women have been ignored throughout history and they should be recognized. Celebrating the entire movement of uplifting women through this one day makes it relevant. Celebrating women on one day doesn't mean that we disregard the cause on other days, it is just we are dedicating it for something special."

Nikita Sharma,

Sub Editor, says, "I respect the day and the intention behind it. However, I can't bring myself to celebrate it without acknowledging the oppression and sexism a lot of women across the world go through. I am happy that we have a day that specifically is dedicated to acknowledging our feminine identity. I just really hope this world becomes a better and safer place for all of us too."

Prakshi Verma,

Feature Writer, says, "I am happy that  this women's day, I am healthy, both physically and mentally. My parents have always been supportive of me. I am happy and proud to be a woman, However, I also belive that women should be celebrated daily and not just on a particular day."