Sec 15: Wed wedding means unsolicited break to market
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Sec 15: Wed wedding means unsolicited break to market

Cancellations of the weekly market at Sector 15 due to high-profile wedding ceremonies in the area has left residents disgruntled.

Sec 15: Wed wedding means unsolicited break to market

The residents of Sector 15 are a disgruntled lot. Every time a high-profile wedding takes place in the area on a Wednesday, the weekly market is called off by the RWA.

This market has become a necessity for residents as it is the only source of fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices in the vicinity. Most of them stock up for a week from these vendors.

The cancellation of the market means residents have to wait for a full one week for their quota. The hawkers and vendors who earn a living from the market too suffer from these interruptions.

A resident of Sector 15, Jagesh Awana, said, "Most of us prefer buying our weekly stock of fresh vegetables from the Wednesday market at cheap rates. We can also avail a discount if we buy in bulk."

Another resident, VP Singh, had another grievance. "Vehicles of invitees take over our parking space. We are left with no place to park our cars,” he said.

However, RWA President Sumer Singh termed these sudden cancellations a necessity to make way for wedding processions. "Hosting wedding ceremonies will not be possible with the weekly market on," he said.

It is intersting to note, however, that the RWAs do not have the power to cancel a local market, which is sanctioned by Noida Authority.