Another snake in Eldeco Utopia!
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Another snake in Eldeco Utopia!

Sector 93A, Noida: Residents spot a yellow-striped snake coiled on a car’s wheel parked outside Olympia tower, in the second such incident in a month.

Another snake in Eldeco Utopia! Picture used for representative purpose only.

Residents of Eldeco Utopia in Sector 93A, Noida, spotted a snake in the society on the morning of October 20. This is the second such incident in a month, in which a cobra was spotted inside the society.

A resident saw a snake with yellow stripes coiled on the front wheel of a car parked outside Olympia tower. The car belonged to one Shivaji Singh. The resident immediately raised an alarm.

Captain Vikash Tuli, a resident, who looks after the society's security, said that as the ignition of the car was turned on, the snake slithered away. 

Snakes have also been seen in other societies, such as Prateek Laurel and Amrapali Zodiac in Sector 120. “This is not the first time residents have spotted a snake inside the society. Many residents have even stopped going for their morning walks because they are so scared,” said Dr Naveen Chandra, a resident of Prateek Laurel.

Ramesh Kumar Akhabari, a resident of Amrapali Zodiac, said, “Recently a snake was spotted in our basement. Residents tried to kill it, but the snake escaped into the bushes outside the society.”

When City Spidey spoke to Rakesh Kumar Tebatiya, a forest guard of the Noida forest department, he said that his office had been receiving quite a few such complaints. “Residents need not panic, as it is the season in which snakes hibernate. They are in search of a hideout for the winters. The problem will be resolved by next month, when these reptiles start hibernating.”