These NCR mompreneurs are inspiring others with homerun businesses
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These NCR mompreneurs are inspiring others with homerun businesses

Mompreneurs in NCR are breaking all barriers by dint of their courage and talent

These NCR mompreneurs are inspiring others with homerun businesses

Mompreneurs in NCR are breaking all barriers by dint of their courage and talent. Their family supported their vision, and the result was a flourishing homerun business.

Shaely Jain, born and brought up in Ajmer, settled in East Delhi, Shakarpur in 2008. She defines herself as a true Rajasthani. A mother of a 12-year-old boy she deals in jute bags, potlis, artificial floral jewellery, festive and wedding products such as dry fruit potlis, shagun envelopes, beautiful pooja thalis, barat welcome gifts, haldi and mehndi traditional goods, decorative items etc.

On talking about how she started this she says, “I am a pure Rajasthani from the heart. When I saw Delhi's people's interest in my culture, it gave me an idea to take this as a career."

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Today, Shaely's business has taken off. She is grateful to everyone who inspired her in this venture. "A small work that started from four walls, under the name Jain Saab' has now reached global including clients from Canada, London, Australia, Dubai, Africa, Malaysia, Bangkok. Our client feedback keeps me boosted and motivated to expand further."

While showing us her products, she says, “These stylish potlis can make all outfits look more trendy. Our bags have enough space to keep things organised. We have handcrafted wedding potli, ethnic potli, ethnic bags for your traditional outfits."

Talking about her challenges, she says, “During the transition from homemaker to a female entrepreneur, I faced a lot of challenges. I had to compromise and learn to maintain a balance in personal and professional life."

In a message to fellow female entrepreneurs, Shaely says, “If we always try to improve, somewhere we will influence others and change the lives of others. Everyone should learn to break the barriers the society creates and hinders growth in any way."

Meet Pavita Dwivedi, the owner of the Pickle De Salsa, who tingles the tastebuds with her tasteful pickles. Pavita, a mompreneur from Supertech Capetown sector 74, says, “I aim to bring the homemade flavours to everyone's kitchens. My products are 100% homemade and with the purest of Indian spices and condiments.”

Her Mango Pickle, Red Chilli, Kathal Chilli, Kathal Chilli, Lemon Pickle Khatta Mitha, Garlic Pickle, Green chilli cut, Amla Pickle, Amla Murabba, Mango Sweet Pickle are loved by all.

She started her business during the Covid times. During the peak of the pandemic, people were unable to purchase vegetables from the market and cook especially students. "A pickle is something that can improve the taste of any bland food. This is how I got the idea to start my business."

Sharing her love for pickling, she says, "I never tried my hands at pickling for many years as my sister in law prepares the best pickles. But one day when I saw raw mangoes on a tree in my villages, I tied to make  a pickle which turned out great."

Apart from her business, Pavita is a teacher by profession. She has a diploma in rural development and also gives tuition to children at her home.

Pavita proudly shares that her son and daughter perform exceptionally well in academics and sports such as Badminton and Tennis. “I never did a full-time job for the upbringing of my children. I avoided many things in my life so that I could take care of them."

Talking about the process of pickling, she says, "It is important to add vinegar in the right amount. A pickle stays fresh and safe to consume even without adding any preservatives. There are tips that you can easily follow to keep pickles safe for a year or so. People add preservatives just for this purpose that each year they will change the label and the same pickle will be catered again in the market with a new label."

Pavita is very happy with her business. She dedicates it to her family. "My husband and kids are my pillars of strength. They always motivate me to keep going."

My message to women is that "Don't confine your world within four walls. If you have determination, a successful business can be started anywhere."