Ways to make your child take the bitter pill
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Ways to make your child take the bitter pill

The average age when a child is ready to eat a pill is 4 to 6 years.

Ways to make your child take the bitter pill

The inability to swallow pills has never been addressed seriously, but those who can not gulp it can only explain how tough it could be!  Swallowing a pill is like a skill to learn just like we learn to write. Problems arise when you find it difficult to swallow since childhood. Similar issues can continue till teenage and even in adulthood. How many children suffer from this problem is difficult to tell?

Although there are various techniques and tricks that can teach the correct methods of eating pills. But why do children find it onerous to gulp a pill? Experts reveal it might be because parents are not aware of using effective methods to teach the same. The average age when a child is ready to eat a pill is 4 to 6 years.

However, it is easier to find an alternate medicine for kids with chewable and liquid versions of medicine but these tend to be costly.  Especially when they turn into teenagers, finding liquid or chewable medicines with higher doses is difficult. Situations can be irritating when you face the same issue in adulthood and it is an emergency to gulp a medicine. So here are some methods you can try to assist your kid with a way to eat pills easily.

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Since nobody is recommended to eat medicine without any cause, do not practice with any sort of medication. It can lead to severe outcomes.  Instead of medicine, offer your kid practice with some candies of various sizes. Things like gems, tic-tac and M&Ms will work well. You can also let them play with apples sliced or cut into various sizes and shapes. As medicines come in different shapes and sizes.

  • Start with the smallest size of candy. Demonstrate and ask your little one to keep candy on the very back of the tongue. Now swallow it down while drinking water with a cup. Starting with a tiny size will help kids to build confidence and have a positive start.
  • Let your kiddo do this several times till they enjoy it or become comfortable with it. After the kid is successful at swallowing candies. Move forward to the next step. Now give a try the bigger size of candy than the earlier one.
  • Let the kid swallow at least 4 candies before moving to the other successive size. If a kid fails at any size, do not extend the practice. It can make him feel unpleasant. Try to keep every learning session to last 15 minutes.
  • Try to end the practice on a positive note. If a child is not able to swallow large size candy then you must go back to the smaller size. So that he would feel encouraged and successful.
  • Some children may become successful and able to go through all the  “pill” sizes on the first try. Others may need to work up to the largest size “pill” gradually over a period of 2-6 sessions.
  • Keep an eye on your kid when they are practicing, see if they are not getting uncomfortable while drinking water with candy. Make sure they are not having too much candy as they are loaded with a lot of sugar. Encourage them and keep practicing.
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