5 plants to increase positive vibes in your home
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5 plants to increase positive vibes in your home

Plants and minimal furniture can give your home a modern touch

5 plants to increase positive vibes in your home

When you've had enough of the outside, home is where you can garner some well-deserved peace. It is the only place where you can truly rest and feel refreshed. Plants in living space have many advantages: they generate a sense of calm, clean the air, and remove negative vibes. Apart from this, plants and minimal furniture can give your home a modern touch.

For all the plant lovers out there, we've compiled a list of indoor plants which might help you get rid of negative energy and attract all kinds of happiness into your house.

Money Plant

Whenever it comes to indoor plants, the money plant should be the first thing that comes to mind. This plant is well-known for its various health advantages. The money plant (also called the Jade plant) is meant to be a good luck, wealth, and happiness plant. It increases oxygen levels in the air, giving your place a fresh sensation. It can be utilised as a decorative item as well as a tool for reducing negativity and tension in the environment.


Rosemary is a plant that has needle-shaped leaves and purple flowers. It has medicinal properties and improves overall health by purifying the air and keeping your residence pleasant by removing hazardous pollutants and other contaminants. It has such a powerful scent that it helps with concentration, stress, and nervousness. It will brighten your space's atmosphere and attractiveness.

Holy Basil

Another plant often identified as "Tulsi" can be found in India. The plant has numerous therapeutic properties in addition to other benefits, making it the perfect plant to cultivate at home. The basil plant filters the air by collecting toxic pollutants from the surroundings. It demands consistent sun rays, therefore it's best to keep it near a sunny spot. For 20 hours, it releases oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide. This plant contains antioxidants which further cleanses the air.

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is a plant that is used as a sign of good fortune, riches, development, and prosperity. We may have noticed this plant in people's homes or workplaces. When a bamboo plant is positioned correctly according to Vastu, the transfer of good energy in your home improves, and a sensation of optimism develops. It's a fast-growing plant that regrows after being chopped, representing the phrase "Never Give Up."

Peace Lily

This plant's true qualities can be surmised from its name alone. The Peace Lily plant is thought to bring calmness, which is something that everybody in the present era craves. Eliminating indoor pollutants, essentially enhances energy flow and cleanses the air. Because it spreads positive vibes throughout the house, this plant is also referred to as the harbinger of calm. Keep this plant out of direct sunlight, it thrives in a shady or gloomy area.

So, if you're thinking about adding an indoor plant to your apartment, choose one from the choices above because it'll help to make your home a positive place to live and rest.