Air plants with care guide
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Air plants with care guide

One of its special things is that it absorbs water from its leaves and not from its roots

Air plants with care guide

If you are looking for easy-to-grow plants which can also be a decorative element of your house, then you have arrived at the right place. You must have heard about indoor, outdoor, and aqua plants but have you ever heard about air plants? There are a variety of air plants which you can grow inside your house without much maintenance.

What are air plants?

Air plants are unique in nature, they are delicate and have less visible roots. Unlike other plants, they do not require soil to grow and can survive on water and air. It can be a great choice to give someone these unique plants.

How to water air plants?

Air plants require water once a week as they absorb nutrients from it. One of its special things is that it absorbs water from its leaves and not from its roots. You can also mist your air plant to keep moisture around it or also you can keep your plant dip in a glass of water for 30 minutes once a week.

Sky Plant

Credits: Dave's garden

This beautiful plant has silver-green leaves, which further grow into a reddish-violet colour. Grow this plant in bright indirect sunlight. This most popular air plant grows 6-12 inches and it is very difficult to kill it. Its scientific name is Tillandsia Ionantha.

Pink Quill Plant

Credits: Pinterest

As its name suggests, this plant grows beautiful pink buds like feathers on it. It has a specific nature of adjusting in the air as well as soil, however, it requires a perfect amount of moisture around it. It grows from 8-12 inches and demands bright light from an indirect source.

Mad Pupper

Credits: Pinterest

This spikey plant grows during the spring season. It is one of the most popular air plants because of its pink and blue vibrant flowers. Grow this plant under bright, indirect light or fluorescent light. This low maintenance plant has 6-10 inches in height. Mad Pupper is also known as Tillandsia Aeranthos Bergeri.

Bulbous Air Plant

Credits: Pinterest

Leaves of this plant turn purple and red before its blooming time. If this plant is grown outside, it can be identified as ants’ house as they generally stay inside them and they feed off the waste left behind by ants. This plant will grow wonderfully in partial or indirect bright light. It is also known as Tillandsia Bulbosa, and grows in between 4-7 inches of height.

Pink Bronze

Credits: Pinterest

This pineapple-shaped plant turns into pink bronze colour when grown in bright light. It grows in between 6-12 inches of height with huge pink and purple flowers.


Credits: Pinterest

This plant, also known as Tillandsia Loliacea, will be a favourite plant for those who prefer miniature pants. You can grow them in bright and indirect light. They grow from 1-3 inches with tiny yellow flowers on a wood stack.