Dwarka: Darkness engulfs street of Sector 19B
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Dwarka: Darkness engulfs street of Sector 19B

The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit

Dwarka: Darkness engulfs street of Sector 19B

Dwarka: Defunct street lights have become a cause of concern for the residents and commuters in the Dwarka area. One of the badly lit roads is at Sector 19B, from Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya to Krishna Garden Apartments. Approximately ten streetlight poles are not working.

When CitySpidey visited the area, the streetlights were not working properly and the whole lane was dark. The installation of street lights serves no purpose if the area is not well lit.

Rangoli Mishra, a resident of Sector 19B said, “It is really scary and in fact impossible to enter this road and cross it. It is so dark. This has been the condition for months now.”

Senior citizens and women, in particular, are the worst sufferers and face the risk of getting knocked down by motorists. People, not being able to see the road clearly for potholes etc. can get hurt.

Pramod Kumar, a resident of Sector 19 said, “This is an important road and in the absence of functioning street lights, people are put to great inconvenience. Both pedestrians and others using this road have been facing problems for weeks now.”

Rita Kapur, a resident of Sector 19B, said, “The absence of street lights is causing great inconvenience to the residents and others using this road. Particularly, senior citizens, women and young children are facing a lot of problems.”

She added, “This is the fact that there are patches where the road is not smooth and without road lights, motorists, particularly two-wheelers find it very dangerous and it is a challenge to avoid hitting a pedestrian or losing balance and causing an accident. The streetlights should be immediately repaired and maintained properly.”

Field staff of the concerned agency should take regular rounds of the area to find out whether streetlights are in order or not.

All the Dwarka residents can immediately start complaining and follow the procedure given below.

- The streetlight's pole photo with a number (painted yellow), location landmark & complete address should be reported to:

BSES 24x7 WhatsApp Helpline Line No 8800919123

- Coordinates shared in the “Complaint Centre For DDA Street Lighting” sticker (above the pole light no.) which has 2 landline numbers:  011-27564444 & 011-39999707, as well as email ecrcddapark@gmail.com

- BSES 24x7 toll-free helpline number - 19123