Noida: Express Zentih's Plantation Drive- 'Sowing the seeds for a better future'
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Noida: Express Zentih's Plantation Drive- 'Sowing the seeds for a better future'

It was aimed at promoting the practice of planting trees among children

Noida: Express Zentih's Plantation Drive- 'Sowing the seeds for a better future'

Noida: A plantation drive was organised by the Express Zenith AOA to promote the practice of planting trees among the young generation in society on April 1, 2022. Many residents participated in the rally along with their kids.

Sumit Dubey, resident of Express Zenith, AOA says, “On the fine sunny day, all residents marked their presence with their kids and enjoyed planting the trees. Everyone was asked to bring some plants if they can. We also made a flower bed in the central park area to encourage kids to have a cooler, greener and cleaner planet."

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The residents and children decided to observe April 1 not as April's fool day, but as April's cool day (a hope to reduce global warming by planting more trees). Kids were happy during this plantation drive. They also spread the manure and learned how to water the plants. Grandparents were seen explaining the benefits of planting trees in summer.

Pronita Dobriyal, an active resident of the society donated a large number of plants to the society. The maintenance team also contributed to this drive. They sat together with the kids and all the gardeners helped in planting the saplings.

Says She, "We organised this plantation drive to teach our young kids the value of greenery. We held their little hands and planted flowering plants such as Bird of paradise, Sunflower, Verbena, Cosmos, Zinnia, Plumeria, Madhumalti, Bushes of Tulsi among others. All the kids learned a lot from this drive."

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She continues, “Nowadays, in high rise societies the most common houseplant Tulsi finds difficulty in surviving due to the lack of sunlight. So we planted a good number of Tulsi at one of the tower entrances where people can come and use its medicinal leaves for their daily wellbeing. Ficus and palms were also planted."

Devendra Singh, Member of AOA, Express zenith says, “We tried to help but the plants were planted solely by the small children, at their request. These small children put all their efforts into this plantation drive. They were happy and excited to see the flowers, especially the white rose."