Best restaurants in Delhi to have Iftaari
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Best restaurants in Delhi to have Iftaari

You can head to these places just as the clock strikes 6:40 without giving it a second thought

Best restaurants in Delhi to have Iftaari

Delhi: The holy month of Ramadan 2022 has begun and it is observed with tremendous zeal throughout the country. People feast on delectable meals after a fourteen-hour-long fast. When it comes to offering scrumptious and satiable meals, the capital doesn't disappoint. There are several restaurants pan Delhi that prepare traditional Mughalia cuisine and make for a great option for Iftaari. You can head to these places just as the clock strikes 6:40 without giving it a second thought-

Al Jawahar

Once you're done with your prayers at the grand Jama Masjid, Al Jawahar is one of the best places to break your fast and proceed with your Iftari. Because of the popularity Al Jawahar has garnered over the years, the place is bound to be crowded, especially during the Iftaari hours and thus, you must be there on time to claim a place. Chicken Jahangiri is a speciality on Al Jawahar's menu.

Kallu Nihari

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What is even Iftaari without a plate of delectable, spicy Nihari that melts in your mouth? Kallu Nihari in Daryaganj serves one of the best Niharis Delhi has to offer. The meal is made complete with fluffy Khamiri Roti. Even though there are no suitable sitting arrangements, hundreds of Delhiites swarm the area daily.

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Aslam Chicken

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This restaurant is well-known for its special and quite literal butter chicken recipe. The chicken is cooked in the tandoor for an extended period before being marinated in a creamy sauce and a proprietary blend of spices. The chicken is served with a basket of rumali roti in a steel saucepan. Many chicken dishes are served with green chillies and a generous amount of Amul butter.

Purani Dilli Restaurant

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Purani Dilli Restaurant in Okhla, a favourite of the Jamia folk, is an authentic feast for everyone's non-vegetarian taste buds. Chicken haleem, mutton nihari, and chicken-achari are just a few dishes available. This tiny, unpretentious eatery will leave you with a full belly and a fuller heart.


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Karim's is known for the Mughalai cuisine that it's been serving for decades and is the oldest and most trustworthy for quality and flavours. Karim's has several locations throughout the city, but none compares to the quality of the Hazrat Nizamuddin one. Don't miss out on their warm chicken stew, mutton korma, and mouth-watering phirni.

Kallan Sweets

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Kallan Sweets located at Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, is a must-visit sweet shop to give your meal a sweet finish. The best part about Kallan Sweets is that everything they provide is delicious and fresh. During Ramadan, their paneer jalebi is perfect to have as a dessert, coupled with their delicious keema samosa, shaped like a Gujjiya and loaded with minced meat.

Cool Point, Shahi Tukda

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Cool Point, Matia Mahal, which was founded by Muhammad Zahid roughly 25 years ago, is another renowned Ramadan eating spot in Delhi. Zohaib, the founder's son, now runs the establishment. Cool Point is popular among desert enthusiasts for its Shahi Tukda and delectable Phirni. Kesar milk, badam milk, lassi, mango, and vanilla ice cream are all available there.

Javed ki famous Nahari

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This place located in Zakir Nagar, South East Delhi, serves one of the best Nahari one could ask for. It is believed to be a good choice to eat Mughalai food, especially during Ramzaan. Here, you can try out their Halim, biryani, mutton delicacies and other non-veg items, which are droll-worthy.