Ramzaan- memories and traditions
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Ramzaan- memories and traditions

The markets in the old part of the cities seem to never sleep from the inception of Ramzan to Eid.

Ramzaan- memories and traditions

It is 5 pm, the smell of freshly fried fritters is filling our living room. In the other corner, someone is squeezing lemons to make lemonade which will be stored in the fridge. I stand in a corner asking my mother’s permission to cook one of the five snacks I know. “We have ample already. You will not be able to finish that.” replies my mother.

Even as children, it was natural to realize the glory of Ramzan, as it can be felt all around you. As we come close to Maghrib ki Azan(the time the fast is broken), all the food is set in front, and everyone sits around to pray for the well being of loved ones and thank Allah for our blessings.

On many days, sharing our iftar with neighbours is an added ritual. So thaalis would be prepared with snacks, fruits and sweets to be delivered to neighbours. And to return the gesture, some snacks and sweets would wait for us from relatives and neighbours on other days. Moreover, I remember my father always preparing a plate for every domestic help in our home before we break our fast.

The lanes of old Lucknow become even more busy in Ramzaan

The traditions are not just limited to households. The markets in the old part of the cities seem to never sleep from the inception of Ramzan to Eid. The time means added business and large crowds for everything from kitchen tools and clothes. Local vendors prepare special foods during Ramzan including dates, and special bread. Sohal and Girda from the streets of Chowk and Aminabad (Lucknow) have a special place in this writer’s heart.

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The sehri is the time when Muslims eat something and thereafter offer Fajr namaz. The old part of the cities remains open till this time.

Here in Delhi, the city of my education and work, the festivities of Ramzan can be felt at Matiya Mahal (Chandni Chowk), Jamia Nagar, Zakir Nagar area among others. The lanes assume a different colour, and the restaurants dealing in kebabs and other such delicacies remain crowded from evening to dawn. Apart from the main course, Chawri Bazar’s mohabbat ka sherbet which can be truly refreshing and the delectable double ka meetha are notable names.

Ramzaan in Purani Dilli


Mohabbat ka sherbat

The month of Ramzaan holds unique importance for most Muslims all over the world. Regardless of what passes by the rest of the year, Ramzaan often is the the time when many Muslims embrace the customs more religiously. It is said that every neki (morally superior act) you collect will bring you rewards manyfold. We offer namaz, recite the Quran, and most importantly observe a fast between daybreak and nightfall.

In Islam, Ramzan is understood as the time to train your mind and your soul. It is called the month to strengthen your Imaan, learn to control, and come close to Allah. It is the time to value our blessings and a conscious effort to improve spiritually. Ramzan is also a time to give zakat or charity. Before Eid, couples calculate the amount of charity they must give according to their earnings and assets.

This year, Ramzan is coming in April. The days are getting warmer so here are some tips to remain hydrated while observing Roza-

1. Avoid being in the sun- If possible, try to finish your work indoors so that the heat does not take a toll on you.
2. Never miss Sehri- The tradition of Sehri is on one hand Sunnat(not mandatory but considered good in the eyes of Allah) but advisable. Some dates and water taken in Sehri will provide you energy for the rest of the day. Chia seeds or curd and chuda will keep you hydrated.
3. Carry an umbrella- Carrying an umbrella while going in the sun can keep you comfortable while out in the sun.

It is believed that all your prayers, and sins of a past cleanse when we pray while observing a  fast. The Ramzaan can sure be a time to work on our limitations and be better. As we approach this holy month, here is wishing all our readers a happy Ramzan 2022.