GreNo West: Residents live in fear as cattle claim city streets
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GreNo West: Residents live in fear as cattle claim city streets

Many accidents have been reported because of cattle running amock on the streets

GreNo West:  Residents live in fear as cattle claim city streets

Greater Noida West: The problem of stray cattle roaming on the streets can be witnessed at all times in Noida Extension. Be it early morning or in the scorching afternoons. The residents are worried and panicking. As gathered, many accidents have been reported because of cattle running amock on the streets. Cattle are also hit by vehicles and get injured.

The situation is so bad that residents are now in fear of going out. As per them, cattle can be seen on the pavements, green belts, and in the middle of the roads amidst huge traffic. One can often witness bullfighting in the middle of the road which creates problems for the commuters.

Recently, an accident took place in front of Supertech Ecovillage 3. A pizza delivery boy was returning after delivering a package when a cow came in front of his bike. It was so sudden that he fell off his bike. Security guards from all the societies rushed instantly to help him.

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Saurabh Sharma, a resident of Oxford Square who witnessed everything while crossing that path and also helped the boy shares that it is a helpless situation. “If this accident was caused because of a person, we could have called the police or have said something to him. But what to do when it is an animal?” says he.

The guard Sunil Nagar from Gulshan Bellina, Noida Extension who ran first from his society to help the victim says, “This is not the first accident to take place because of cattle. As far as I know, this must be the eighth or ninth accident to take place in three weeks."

Trehan Iris project in Noida extension is a project where lots of plants and grass is planted openly on the road. One evening, the guards were seen running in the wrong direction to shoo away the cattle. Saurabh Sharma the resident of Oxford Square was returning from the petrol pump with his family and just about managed to avoid a running bull colliding with his car.

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Shilpi Jain, the resident of Ajnara homes, Noida extension says, "We usually came down to eat the ice cream with our family, but last time one man who was ordering the ice cream, was attacked by oxen. Since then, we have stopped coming to have ice cream. Even driving is risky with cattle moving freely all around."

Joginder Singh, RWA president, Amrapali Zodiac says, “Noida Authority has completely failed to implement any stray animal mechanism in the city. The number of stray monkeys, stray dogs and stray cattle is increasing by the day. Bulls and cows roam on the roads, due to which accidents happen very frequently in Noida. Noida Authority should provide shelters for stray animals and they should be shifted from the streets to the shelter homes.”

Shiv Pant, Resident of Spring Meadows, Noida extension says, “Our families outside Noida think the city has urban facilities. However, people are exhausted here. Premises have dog menace, and the roads are ruled by cattle. Greater Noida authority should take strict actions speedily to remove these cattle else every day major accidents will happen.”

Divya Sinha, a Resident from Nirala Estate, Noida extension says, “I am a cyclist but I no longer go out. We are living in fear of animals."

A possible reason behind the cattle menace is that their owners abandon their cattle after they age or get diseases. When we contacted the Greater Noida Authority (0120 2336004) and asked them whom to talk to regarding the cattle issue, an official suggested the District Magistrate. He said on the condition of anonymity, "All such abandoned stray cattle are taken to Gaushala. There is also a separate place for such cows." Later, Salil Yadav, DGM, Greater Noida Authority, provided the number for stray cattle pick up. 7503607847, 9718542072.