Noida extension: In grip of stray cattle menace
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Noida extension: In grip of stray cattle menace

The pedestrians are at major risk with many stray cattle attack incidents being reported

Noida extension: In grip of stray cattle menace

The stray animals are becoming a major problem for the residents of Gautam Buddha Nagar, especially in sector 16B, near Ek Murti circle and Gaur City. The oxen can be seen roaming and sitting in the middle of the roads at any time of the day. The sight of cattle roaming around on the roads is quite common in Noida Extension. Most of these stray cattle come in the area from neighboring villages such as Roza jalapur, Ithiara, Roza Yakubpur, Haibatpur, Chipiyana and others.

People who use public conveyance are at a major risk because of this. The shared auto drops the commuters at either at ek murti or Roza circle. The commuters then have to use the service lane which lacks sufficient street lights. This is the stretch where there are always some stray cattle present. This makes them prone to getting attacked by stray cattle.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, a lady who is a resident of Supertech Oxford Square, went out to keep leftover food for a cow. However, the cow ran to attack her as soon as she turned.

Residents from Ajnara le garden are equally worried as a similar incident happened there too. A resident named Sonakshi, while crossing the road, had a terrible experience. As she was crossing the road through the divider, a bull was sitting in the centre of it, gazing at her scornfully. This frightened her of potential attack and she had to cross the road through running traffic.

A coconut seller who sits opposite Ajnara le garden society also raises his concern by saying, "Every day, I sit with a big stick in my hand. A black ox has made our lives hell. Last week, he was fighting with another ox, resulting in a couple falling from their scooter. We keep saving people's lives and save our shop too from their attacks".

CitySpidey talked to a few residents of Supertech Oxford Square to get some suggestions on what they think can be done to solve this problem.

Dinesh, a resident of Supertech Oxford Square says, “Residents from all societies should refrain from throwing leftover food near the gate. Due to this, the stray cattle keep standing on the gate and when they do not get food, they become violent and attack the residents.”

Another resident of Oxford Square, Saurabh Sharma suggests, "Greater Noida Authority should place some big containers outside each society. Or the leftover food should be collected from each flat and be thrown at the specified place, just like the garbage is collected daily. The stray cattle then feed themselves from this one spot rather than roaming the streets for food. Hope this would work."

Raghuvanshi PK, resident of  Supertech Oxford Square said, “Being a human being, it is our responsibility to provide the stray cattle a better life. On the opposite side of the society, there is open space, where some arrangements can be made to meet the food requirements of the stray cattle. These cows and oxen will move to that place themselves.”

Aanjaneya Sharma, another resident of Oxford Square says, “In a residential society in Crossings Republik, Ghaziabad, I saw a dedicated bin where the residents would leave their leftover food daily. Then a vehicle would come and to pick it up every evening at set hours. The Noida authority should make a similar arrangement in Noida too to tackle the stray cattle menace.

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Rajini Tiwari, a resident of Supertech eco village 1 says, “The stray cattle are the big problem here also. Whenever I go to buy vegetables from the outside vendor, they come running here. I think they are very hungry so they are attacking the people. In this, the mistake is of the government too. The farmers are now not selling the cows to the slaughters houses and this is the reason that the cows are discarded when they do not produce the milk, their owners simply leave them on road to die.”

Soni Khanna, a resident from Ajnara homes say, “We don’t feel safe on roads. We are especially worried about the safety of our kids. Oxen appearance is so scary that even if they walk slowly towards us we feel scared and try to run away which in itself causes injury."

Ajay Yadav, a resident from Ajnara le garden adds, “We have a gym in this commercial complex, and the gym is fully safe, but the movement of these stray cattle makes this place a little risky for those who come early in the morning when no help is available.”

Amarjeet Rathore, NEFOWA, vice president and resident of 6th avenue, Gaur city opines, one can see many oxen and stray cows moving about outside the Gaur city gate 2. When the vegetable sellers throw the discarded vegetables, the flock of cows and bulls gathers and fight for the food. They keep sitting in the middle of the road. This causes traffic accidents and at times attacks on passersby. Though inside the township it is safe.”