Greater Noida Authority starts sterilization of stray dogs
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Greater Noida Authority starts sterilization of stray dogs

The applicant has to pay a fee of Rs 250 for the sterilization of dogs

Greater Noida Authority starts sterilization of stray dogs

Greater Noida Authority, Health department has started animal birth control and vaccination drives for stray dogs in Greater Noida. With the help of an NGO, the Greater Noida authority has started sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs.

For this, AOA and the builder, management have to inform the Greater Noida Authority about the number of stray dogs and other details, with the help of an application. Then, the team will come to the premises to catch dogs for their treatment. The NGO will charge about 1,000 rupees for the whole process. The Authority will bear rupees 750 per dog and the applicant( like AOA or the builder management) will have to bear charges of Rs 250 only.

After the treatment, dogs will be released to society premises after 8 to 10 days with a neck strap. This neck strap will become the identity of a sterilized and vaccinated dog.

Vaibhav Nagar, coordinator, Greater Noida Authority says, “Many societies of Greater Noida have tried to contact us but first, they have to write an application, after that the process will start.  The applicant has to pay the fee of rupees 250 which is mandatory."

CitySpidey talked to a few residents from Greater Noida about this initiative.

Vikas Katiyar, Vice President NEFOWA says, “Last year the same initiative was driven by the Authority and the feedback was good from the residents' side. We hope it will control the cases of dog bites.”

Kapil Khare, a resident of Nirala Greenshire society says, “This is a good initiative by the Authority. In the past few years, dog bite cases have increased. There are 4 to 5 stray dogs in our society premises. We will inform the maintenance team to contact the Authority about this. Last year, there was a case near our society where two stray dogs attacked a pet dog in which it died. It is a good step to control the population of dogs."

Mahaveer Thusoo, a resident of 14th avenue society says, “It is a good initiative by the Greater Noida Authority. However, it is not our duty to control the population of stray dogs. Respective authorities must do this work on their own. There is a big question on the role of the Authority. If they have started this drive, they must continue it positively.”