Authority covers open drains in Greater Noida
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Authority covers open drains in Greater Noida

This work started on 22nd February and is expected to finish within a week.

Authority covers open drains in Greater Noida

The Greater Noida Authority is covering the open drains on the service lanes of Noida Extension near Ek murti Roja circle 16B. This is the area outside Ajnara Le Garden society. This work started on 22nd February and is expected to finish within a week.

CitySpidey had reported on the issue of open drains and dug-up roads in the common area between Ajnara Le Garden apartments and the shopping complex on January 18, 2022.

CitySpidey reached out to Salil Yadav, DGM, Greater Noida Authority. As per Yadav, it was observed that in many places, the open drains were becoming a cause for accidents for men and animals.

Salil further adds that covering open drains was important for sanitation in the area. He says, “Keeping key safety features in mind, we have decided cover all the open drains so that the breeding of mosquitoes gets minimised. Moreover, People used to throw garbage in the drains which clogged the drains. This initiative will prevent this."

However, there are also a few negative aspects of covering the drain. Yadav says, "Covering the drain will create problems in getting them sanitized. They will result in harmful gas formation and also will be hazardous for the residents living nearby. Gases like methane and other harmful gases go up and create a foul smell and they are not at all environmentally friendly. We can not cover these drains completely and some parts of it we have to leave open, and from there, these gases will erupt as a funnel and spread. We will look at advanced methods of cleaning in near future."

Residents of nearby societies are happy with this development. K.D. Singh, President of RWA, Supertech Oxford Square says, “We can finally take a sigh of relief. We were demanding this work to be done for the past 2-3 years. We also asked our estates manager to look into this matter as the drains are quite big and deep, so it was a fear of pets falling and breeding mosquitoes."

Ramesh Chandra, Secretary of RWA, Supertech oxford square says, “ Being a secretary of this society, we have to think about the overall well-being of residents and pets of Greater Noida West. Many families were afraid to take their pets out as there was a fear of them falling into the drains."

Pankaj Dwivedi, resident of SKA Greencarch also holds the same view, “ It is great from the health point of view. Now, people will throw their garbage in bins rather than in this.”

Purnima Sabharwal
Purnima Sabharwal
849 Days Ago
Big open drain going through sector 12 noida is a big problem Noida authority is doing nothing about it. All drains are covered in Delhi and beautified. When this will happen in noida