Is drinking fruit Juices a good idea or not?
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Is drinking fruit Juices a good idea or not?

When juice is extracted, it separates a portion of the solid matter like pulp, fibre and whole fruit

Is drinking fruit Juices a good idea or not?

A lot of people prefer to consume fruit juices rather than going through the process of consuming a whole fruit. Though having a glass of fruit juice has many known benefits, there are many known downsides to it too. It is a good idea to consider all the pros and cons of having fruit juices before you take that sip in.

What’s a quick and healthy way to satisfy your hunger? Nutritionists and health experts would recommend fruits. Fruits are always a healthy option to satisfy hunger. Its consumption in the long term helps to build immunity and prevent chronic disease. According to Healthline, fruits are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals which contributes to the healthy response of your body.

Fruit juices come as handy for people at work to consume as it avoids the hassle of washing, peeling or cutting the fruit. For others, juices are the only option because of poor gut or oral problems. Healthline says if one is struggling with a deficiency of minerals and vitamins with their regular consumption, they can combine fruit juice with their daily diet.

Apart from this, juices are widely used as a detox by people. But can juice be a replacement for whole fruit? Let's see.

When one removes all the solid material from fruits, they are ignoring the full health benefits extracted from plants. When juice is extracted, it separates a portion of the solid matter like pulp, fibre and whole fruit.

There can be some possible side effects of drinking juice for a longer period. Health experts say that if someone is following detoxification or trying to lose weight, they should not replace a glass of juice with a proper meal. Juice cannot complete the need for fats and proteins in the body.

Protein consumption helps to maintain health in the long term. According to Pubmed, drinking fruit juice regularly is linked with an increased risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Also, juicing may harm people who have kidney problems or take certain medications. According to a study by Pubmed, consuming fruit juice can lead to some health risks like high blood sugar levels, weight gain or type 2 diabetes.

The most important thing for the human body, other than vitamins, is fibre. According to Healthline, notably, up to 90% of the fibre is removed during the juicing process, depending on the juicer. Some soluble fibre will remain, but the majority of insoluble fibre is removed. Fibre helps to maintain metabolic health and reduces the risk of several diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Here are the benefits of fibre

  • Helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Improves overall health.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
LakshmanRao Kantamsetti
LakshmanRao Kantamsetti
822 Days Ago
Eating Fruit is recommended rather than drinking fruit juice ,the fiber is beneficial