NGOs in Ghaziabad that are working for stray dogs
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NGOs in Ghaziabad that are working for stray dogs

Animal healthcare NGOs in Ghaziabad

NGOs in Ghaziabad that are working for stray dogs

Though the stray dogs are loved by many, there still are instances when they become prey to cruel weather and non considerate people. It thus becomes important to take care of them. On daily basis, stray dogs get injured due to accidents or are skinny because of lack of food. NGOs play a very important role when it comes to these animals. There are some NGOs in Ghaziabad working towards betterment of stray dogs and are taking care of them.

Posh Foundation

The Posh Foundation is located in Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad. It is known for rescuing stray dogs and claims to be always there to take care of dogs in need. However, there are some complaints that NGOs sometimes do not answer the calls.

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PFA, Ghaziabad

PFA is an animal help hospital located in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad. The hospital provides emergency services, ambulance services, animal care, and also lab services. "This is one of the best NGOs for the animal. They provide genuine help and service o the animals in need,” says Punya Mahipal, from Ghaziabad.

“We provide all the medical facilities and hospitalization of street dogs. The NGO also offers open field area to the dogs who are healthy and have separate cells for the unwell dogs. It's been more than 7 years since we have started the NGO in Ghaziabad”, says Parag Chaturvedi, Vice President of PFA.

Kingdom Animal Trust

Kingdom Animal Trust is located in Vijay Nagar, Sector -9, Ghaziabad. The place is considered one of the best when it comes to taking care of animals. The staff is polite and loves animals. “They provide treatment at most affordable prices and this place is trustworthy. I took a stray dog there for sterilization and was so impressed by their way of treating dogs”, says Rushil, a resident of Vaishali.

HHFA Animal Hospital

HHFA animal hospital is located in Mahamaya Enclave, Ghaziabad. This place is for all the animals who need medical supervision. “We started this NGO in 2015, all the wildlife services are free of cost, we only charge people who are financially well. We also used to provide dog rescue services but they are on hold since the pandemic. We also provide treatment to distemper dogs but we charge for that because we do not have enough funding right now”, Jayshree Bansal, founder of the NGO.