Ghaziabad: Recently constructed Vasundhara road breaks down, commuters complain
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Ghaziabad: Recently constructed Vasundhara road breaks down, commuters complain

People question the quality of material used in the construction of road laid down recently

Ghaziabad: Recently constructed Vasundhara road breaks down, commuters complain

Indirapuram: The Vasundhara Link road in Indirapuram has developed cracks and huge potholes within two months of its laying down. This has posed  inconvenience for several commuters who use this road on a daily basis. The road in question is about 3 kilometers long. 

The road was constructed recently by the Water Corporation of Indirapuram four months back and started to break up only after 2 months of being in use.

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As per the information gathered, the road was officially closed for two  years by the water corporation for the installation of pipelines. Even during that time, people had faced a lot of inconvenience. 

Debasish Dutta, a resident from Angel mercury says, "This road has been recently reconstructed but the problem is it was not made under Ghaziabad Development Authority's orders, but under the Water committee of Ghaziabad, that's why GDA is not taking responsibility for the bad quality of the road."

"The road was closed for almost 2 years. GDA was not ready to rebuild the road so the water corporation hired a private builder and constructed this road which was completed almost 4 months back", says Kapil Tyagi, RWA President of Divyansh Pratham Society, Indirapuram.

Now, as the road is breaking up, the situation is getting difficult for the commuters. This very road links the roads coming from Vasundhara, Indirapuram to Akshardham, Noida. Every day, traffic of almost 50,000 vehicles can be spotted on this road. The road connects NH 58 and NH 24, due to which the road sees heavy traffic movement throughout the day. 

Currently, there are two huge broken up patches present in the middle of the road which pose a threat of road accidents to the commuters. The residents of the societies around the area took to social media to highlight the issue. People from different societies tweeted about the issue, yet no actions have been taken so far.

Kapil says, "We have also filed complaints on Jansunwai App but there has been no response. The construction quality of the road is so bad that it did not even last for 6 months. It is in such bad shape that accidents can happen here anytime. This also raises a question on the quality of the material used in the construction of the road.''