First sterilization centre for stray dogs starts in Greater Noida
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First sterilization centre for stray dogs starts in Greater Noida

This responsibility of sterilization of stray has been given to NGO ‘Human Welfare’

First sterilization centre for stray dogs starts in Greater Noida Sterilization Centre for stray dogs in Swarn Nagri

Greater Noida: The Greater Noida Authority started the first sterilization centre on Thursday, February 25, 2022, in Sector Swarn Nagri. This responsibility has been given to the ‘Human Welfare’ NGO.

After an increase in cases of dog bites and continuous appeals by residents, Greater Noida Authority has decided to start the process of vaccination and sterilization of dogs. For this, management and AOAs of societies have to contact Authority with details of stray dogs in their area.

The sterilization centre for stray dogs has been built in Swarn Nagri on the instructions of the CEO of Greater Noida Authority, Narendra Bhushan, the Public Health Department. The Human Welfare organization will catch the dogs and bring them to the centre for sterilization. As per Supreme Court's Animal Birth Control (ABC) rule, the dog will be released at the same place.

Among recent developments, residents of Sector Omicron II of Greater Noida have deposited money for the sterilization of stray dogs. The association has deposited Rs 250 per dog.

Salil Yadav, Senior Manager, Public Health Department of Greater Noida Authority informed that 37 dens have been built at the centre for the observation of dogs. An operation room and waiting area have also been made in this centre. Facilities like AC, Fridge and RO have been arranged in the operation room.

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“The centre will be completely dedicated to sterilization of dogs. 53 canals have been made in this centre, in which dogs will be kept for five days after sterilization. Dogs will also be vaccinated with anti-rabies injections. The sterilization of dogs will be done first in the society whose RWA will deposit the money first," says Salil.