Boho Bazaar 2022: Let me take a picture first!
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Boho Bazaar 2022: Let me take a picture first!

Shoot reels, take limitless photos, dress up in the most fabulous fashions at Boho Bazaar

Boho Bazaar 2022: Let me take a picture first!

Delhi: With the return of Boho Bazaar- The Epic Flea Market, we have to pinch ourselves to believe that festival season has returned! After all these years of being cooped up in our houses with multiple lockdowns and covid-19 effects, it feels unbelievable that we can enjoy all the craziness with fantastic food, even better music, and a whole lot of fun with friends and family.

This year in 2022, people are super pumped to be back after almost two years, and there is a lot of growing excitement among people from everywhere. A lot of fun and new elements are planned out this time.

This year at Boho, you will see a lot of photo booths in the JLN stadium. People are going gaga over these booths, and there is no such thing as too many photos with so many aesthetic and insta-worthy sites. This is a great place to dress up in the most fabulous fashions and shoot reels, take limitless photos, and impress all of your fans! What about you? We can't say no to great photography.

You will find a booth at every 100m. You will see the crowd gathered around a booth to get their Boho themed photos clicked; you might have to wait for your turn.

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Deepshika Pandey, a journalist at Zee news, says, "It was my first time visiting here at the boho bazaar, and I have loved everything about it. This bazaar offers a splendid view and spots to click pictures at the beautiful booths. Have your camera charged and ready to shoot as you wander through these delightful Boho Vibes. I had clicked tons of pictures with my family as a keeper of Boho Bazaar."

"If I talk about my favourite, it would be the one decorated with fairy flashy lights, barrels and dream catchers. There was a section decorated with quirky cushions and pillows covered with long bamboos wrapped in white curtains. It was the perfect spot for your following Instagram picture," she added.

Just at the stadium entrance, you will spot a big 'I love Fresca' booth. The Fresca company has installed a Fresca booth. They are offering you good deals to enjoy their products. You have to click a picture at their booth and post it on Instagram.

This photo booth can give you wings. The enormous white and brown wings are worth a click for your insta feed.

The little cute canopy booth had a lot of attention from the visitors. The adorable tent is a must-visit photo booth to get yourself a dreamy photograph as a souvenir of Boho Bazaar 2022.

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Besides these photo booths, there will be a range of food vendors, beer & beverages, 15+ local live musicians to set the mood, a kids zone, creative workshops, and a slew of other fun things to keep everyone entertained all together.

Delhi's heat is getting uncontrollable day by day, and it's more than 40 degrees Celcius. It's advisable to visit Boho Bazaar in the evening so you can party hard like crazy.