This season, go Boho!
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This season, go Boho!

The varieties in boho fashion express qualities like effortless and relaxed

This season, go Boho!

Ideally one will fall short of words when asked to speak about Bohemian style.

Boho fashion, also known as 'Bohemian style', 'boho chic' or 'boho', is the one fashion sense that brings all the styles, patterns, colours, designs together and it turns out to be highly expressive.

Bohemian style is a little different from mainstream fashion and is associated with hippie fashion of the 60s and 70s. The varieties in boho fashion express qualities like effortless and relaxed and hence depicts casual, loose, and artistic output in the fashion staples.

In other words, Bohemian fashion defines itself as restriction-free, extremely expressive, and highly unconventional.

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So if you are a person who possesses similar characteristics to Bohemian style, can take a look at the capsule guide we have created regarding it.

Boho Dresses

To get a boho look from head to toe with the help of dresses, choose eyelet dresses or printed maxi dresses. Make sure that they are full of colour reflecting vibrancy, are loose and are far away from dull colours. Such dresses have A-line cuts and half-length or three-quarter length sleeves. They are majorly off-shoulder and flowy with pleated designs.

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Boho upper wears

Boho tops basics involve lace tops, mixed print tunics, ethnic print peasant tops, and embroidered prairie blouses. They have loose-asymmetric hemlines and sleeves of bell, trumpet and bishop styles.

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They are hardly present in solid colours and patterns. And if they are then, solid boho tops either have little design on the neckline and interlaced design of the same fabric of the cloth. Go completely boho by wearing it with any jeans, olive or white colour pants, and shorts.

Boho shrugs or jackets

Even a simple fabric will shine when paired with a Boho shrug or jacket. Some of them are boho print kimonos and distressed denim jackets. They are extremely oversized to give a boho-silhouette and are full of fringes and trims in their hemlines and back.

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Boho footwear

With almost all boho-looks, footwear like gladiator sandals, embroidered suede ankle boots, chunky heeled clogs, high ankle boots, boho platform slides, boho slides, cowboy boots, macrame sandals is perfect to the club. Chooses natural colours pallets - pastels, shades of brown, beige, grey, yellow. You can wear multi-coloured footwear as well.

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Boho accessories

Boho accessories are lookalikes of boho clothes and footwear i.e funky and oversized. Oxidised jewellery with stones, bags will fringe and trims, bucket drawstring bags, colourful stone jewellery, flowy-flowery scarf, brown wide stripe belts, tassel earrings, and tassel long-chain necklaces, bracelets made of beads, and turquoise colours are jewelleries that go with boho look. Above all these braided hairstyles will help in completing the boho-chic look.

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Boho bottom wears

Boho bottoms mainly include staples like flared jeans, distressed denim shorts, harem pants, and boho print maxi skirts. They are present in flared silhouettes, embroidered in the waist, and are flowy-flouncy. Style these stylish fashion outfits with the boho tops only to get that “Bohemian look,” no matter where you're settled in any part of the world.

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So now you are done reading this boho styling guide, so hit the market and shop as many boho staples because they will never go out of fashion and will keep your styling game.