White: The leading colour of fashion
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White: The leading colour of fashion

We can say that now ‘white colour is the new dark’

White: The leading colour of fashion

Colours play a big role in the fashion sense but the white colour in fashion staples makes it a stand-alone piece. Currently, people are wearing “white on white”, without even giving much heed to the popular perception -- white will get dirty soon. 

If someone walks in white overalls these days, our eyes are stuck on them. This indicates that white outfits have a great dominance amongst people and we need to add more staples in the closets. So here is the list of must-have white outfits. 

 White-on-white suits

After the prominence of black or navy blue suits on professional grounds, people are now wearing white suits as well. White-on-white is being considered as an uplighting outfit and makes you feel more confident. More than men, women are seen using this colour as a symbol of power. 

White shoes

White sneakers gained prominence after the celebs were seen wearing them most of the time. The trend of white shoes started around 2015 and is still trending, especially in athleisure wear. Even after white shoes get dirty, people wash them and use them till the end of it. More than high heels, women are inclined towards white shoes because of their comfortability aspect. 

White lehenga

Be it white or off-white, brides are dropping the idea of wearing traditional red and other vibrant colours in their wedding functions and choosing white lehengas instead. We can say that ‘white colour is the new dark’ currently. But not only white lehenga, other white ethnic outfits like sharara, saree, suits, sherwani, etc are also common these days.

White pants

We can say that the trend of jeans and white pants has always been there but the white pants were a little neglected. After the trend of white bell bottoms or flared trousers, people have started wearing more white pants. 

White shirts

The white shirt is the most common staple in everyone's closet as it is a go-to outfit when nothing comes to mind. White shirts paired up with dark tops are one of the best stylish looks. 

Anju Tickoo, a city-based fashion designer said, “White is a universal colour and adds a different aura whenever I attend an event wearing white.”

Poonam Nagpal, a fashion designer and owner of Tehhzeeb, a fashion boutique said, “The fact that white can be mixed and matched with many outfits, we can say it an evergreen colour.”

The aforementioned points prove the point that white colour outfits are totally chic and can be worn in most situations.