Dungaree fashion: Those overalls can make somebody a trendsetter
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Dungaree fashion: Those overalls can make somebody a trendsetter

From runway look to street style look, dungaree is that free overall which is loved by all

Dungaree fashion: Those overalls can make somebody a trendsetter

From runway look to street style look, dungaree are those free overalls which are loved by all the generation. One fashion staple that reminds us of our childhood is a dungaree. It was a mothers favourite fashion outfit for their little kids. If we talk about current times, a wardrobe is incomplete without a dungaree as it can make anyone a trendsetter. 

 Here are some of the dungarees to be added to your closet. 

Classic dungaree 

Credit: beyondretro.com

A classic blue dungaree with silver-colored coined button on its straps is what caters to a child as well as an adult. Wearing a white shirt or top with it is a little old-fashioned. Team it up with bold coloured tops like red coloured shirts or tops. Wearing red converse shoes can be an apt option. 

Dungaree having shorts

Have you ever thought that a short dungaree can be an amazing outfit for the beach as well? Those who do not like jeans fabrics on the leg and want to be free and playful, here is the dungaree for you. Wear a crop top and accessorize it with silver-coloured little jewellery staples. 

Dungaree having skirt


Credit: beyondretro.com

If there was an award for the cutest dress, then it would have been for a dungaree dress. These dresses are airy and breezy and full of style. Brown coloured ankle boots and ruffled handbag will uplift the look of this dungaree. 


Credit: estherandco.com

Playsuits are small dungarees. These dungarees are perfect wear if you do not want to wear a dress and still want to carry the best street style look. Footwear like gladiators and soft slides goes well with this funky suit. 

Non-denim dungaree

Credit: whitestuff.com

Those who do not feel comfortable in denim, who sweats more while wearing denim but still want those feels of dungaree, can go for soft fabric dungarees. Such fabric can be khadi, cotton, and linen. If a fashion staple is comfortable, more it is available for styling. You can wear chunky necklaces, hoops and sting earrings to amp the look if your fabric is of dull colour.

White coloured dungaree

Credit: seenit.in

White coloured dungaree with a bright striped top or t-shirt is a perfect tom-boy look for girls. If you do not want to go too whitish, wear a black coat, shrug, or jacket to keep that sporty look alive. 

Solid black dungaree

Credit: nykaafashion.com

Solid black coloured dungaree styled with a check shirt and black sunglasses will be a classic fashion statement for you. Even look out for dungarees that consist of check prints in bold colours. You can pair them up with wedges, boot cut shoes, and open-toe heel shoes to up the style quotient. 

Choose these bold dungarees with the right fashion staples to have all eyes on you.