Here's why kaftans are back in fashion
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Here's why kaftans are back in fashion

Kaftan embodies comfort over style

Here's why kaftans are back in fashion

Kaftans have come back with a bang. They are free-flowing, airy, and super comfortable. From kaftan tops to kaftan dresses and kimono sleeves blended with kaftans, the evolution is as comfortable as the style. 

Kumari Ritu Satyendra, fashion designer and merchandiser, Apex Apparels (Athena Lifestyle) said, “These days one of the most popular fashion staples you will find in any suitcase for a getaway is a gorgeous silk kaftan dress. Kaftan can be worn in any season including rain. But it depends on the fabric it has been created from for the monsoon soon.”

Ankita Chaudhry, fashion designer of Saaj By Ankita, a Delhi-based fashion label said “Kaftan has traditionally been around for centuries. It is one of the first garments human beings have made. Kaftan even offers a very blank canvas to any designer to create anything on it.” 

Here are some more reasons why you should buy them. 


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Most of the time, Kaftans are a top pick because of their size. People who feel more comfortable in loose clothes, go for kaftans. No matter if they are thin, healthy, or fat, go for kaftans. 


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When you feel like not dressing up much but at the same time you want to be fashionable, pick your kaftan dress and wear it. 

You can wear a kaftan when you have to go to a party after the office and do not have much time to decide what to wear. 


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Kaftans are not those long maxi dresses only. 

Kaftans now come in tunics, tops, and midi dresses. You can pair up these kaftans with skirts, pants, and jeans as well. 

Kaftan comes in eye-catching prints like abstract print, bird patterns, animals patterns, geometric patterns, etc. Sometimes even in many artistic patterns as well. 

    Pregnancy dress

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Kaftans are turning out to be maternity dresses after many celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Kareena Kapoor started wearing them during their pregnancies. 

This is because women do not need to take care of their fashion sense during the nine months of their pregnancy. 

Chaudhry said “I think Kaftan trends because there is a shift in people’s attitude towards clothes too. Everybody wants to wear something which is very relaxing and airy and which a kaftan is. Kaftan is getting adapted in lengths from short to long also.” 

Satyendra listed the trending kaftan Dresses below

    Indian Kaftan Cotton Dress

    African Kaftan Printed Dress

    Designer Kaftan Kimono Sleeves Dress

    Leopard Print Kaftan Short Dress

    Kaftan Maxi V Neck Dress

    Satin long and short Kaftan Dress 

“Kaftan has made a comeback for good. It has carried forward the trend of easy clothing and is comfort over style. It is versatile and I hope this style stays because I love it too.” added Chaudhry.