90s' fashion: Style which is stylish even today
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90s' fashion: Style which is stylish even today

90s' fashion defines how you can be stylish and yet be free from hassles

90s' fashion: Style which is stylish even today

History repeats itself and the return of “bindass” 90s' fashion proves this point well.

Be it high-waist jeans, mini skirts, dungarees, straight fit pants, long line jackets, all came back after a decade and are trending in 2021.

90s' fashion defines how you can be stylish and yet be free from hassles.

So all fashion enthusiasts, take out time from your busy schedules and watch all the 90s' movies and you will get another list ready of eye-catching fashion trends.

To know more, read out this list based on the 90s' style:


Remember Kajol from 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'? All the dungarees she wore in this film are now trending. Only difference is, those dungarees are being styled with jackets or coats currently. Dunagrees are unisexual, loose and perfect for summer style.

Mini skirts

When we talk about skirts, Karishma Kapoor was the one who nailed that look in the 90s'. She wore mini skirts in most of her movies. If you do not want to wear a dress for the parties, the combination of mini skirt and a top is apt for you.

Straight fit jeans

'Friends' is the one sitcom we all love not only for coming into our lives but also for giving us many fashion trends. Monica Geller used to wear many straight fit pants and they are trending even today.

Off shoulder tops

Rachel Green from 'Friends' has set a big example of off-shoulder tops or dresses from the 90s'. Today off-shoulder outfits are styled with denim jackets or white shirts in everyday looks.

Heel shoes for men

Many men used to style high heel shoes with leather jackets, white t-shirts and blue jeans back in the 90s'. Nowadays, if not heel shoes, men can style sports shoes with aforementioned outfits.


Yes, denim-on-denim is not new. This look will always be trending as it works for everyone. Try to wear a dark colour t-shirt or top with denim or style stripes tops with them. Front denim knots style can be worn in summers.


Madhuri Dixit’s purple saree from 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' was a bigger hit than the movie itself. Women in India were totally in love with that saree back then. If your mother owns a similar saree, you can try to style it up in a modern way today.

The fashion in the 90s gave us goals which can be implemented and improvised today as well.