Summer foods to save you from heatwaves
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Summer foods to save you from heatwaves

Dark leafy green veggies consist of 80-90% of water

Summer foods to save you from heatwaves

As the Covid restrictions are being lifted and the children are all  set to get back to the schools, the things finally seem to be on track  as they used to be. However, the temperatures are also rising up and  thus, it is important to save kids from the consequences of summers.  Heatwaves are well on their way and to save yourself and your kids  from them, here are a few additions you need to make in your summer  menu-

Dark Leafy Green Veggies

Dark leafy green veggies consist of 80-90%   of water. Due to this, they stay easy on the digestive system and keep  the body hydrated. As they digest easily, they also keep the body  cool. Such vegetables are also high in iron and calcium which are   important for the body.


Melon is low in calories and has 85 % of the water, best to  keep cool and hydrated in summers. Loaded with folic acid, vitamin A  and C and potassium, melons helps to keep hair and skin healthy. They  tune best during the afternoon time when you do not want to have a  full meal.

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The health benefits of Broccoli are not any secret. Eating  Broccoli helps to keep digestive system healthy due to high fibre  present in it. It helps to maintain low blood sugar and prevents  constipation. This vegetable may look like a dense tree but it is 91  per cent water. You can enjoy this vegetable in salad, soups or even  in vegetable juice.


Cucumbers are more than just a side salad with your meals.  They consist of 95% water and are very light on your stomach as well.  You must have seen street vendors serving cucumbers topped with chaat masala in summers. They are also good fir your You can also use it on  the skin to get a shiny and soft  look.


Tomatoes are high in the antioxidant lycopene which is also  a cancer preventer. Tomatoes consist of water which helps you stay  hydrated and keep your skin healthy because of the various vitamins  present in them. Tomatoes can be enjoyed in sandwiches, salads and  soups.

Coconut water

One of the most important tasks you need to do in  summers is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 7-8 glasses  of water everyday. Although sometimes drinking planes can be boring.  So to break the monotony you can sip on coconut water rich in various  nutrients and minerals. It helps to keep you cool from inside and  protected from heat waves. However you need to remember that nothing  can replace a glass of water. So keep the consumption of water equal  to 7-8 glasses.

Fennel seeds

Drinking fennel water can help keep you protected from  the heatwaves. This Indian spice is highly recommended for the hot  weather. It is also good for the digestive system and skin health.


To bring your energy back, a simple glass of nimbu pani (lemon  drink) is enough. It not only helps to keep you hydrated but also  improves digestive health. It is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants  that are good for skin health and prevent chronic disease.