Argan oil for flawless skin and hair
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Argan oil for flawless skin and hair

Argan oil should be a staple in your natural beauty routine

Argan oil for flawless skin and hair

Argan oil has found a place in all kinds of hair and skincare. It's a common element in most cosmetics and one of the best parts about Argan oil is that it suits all skin types because of its texture. Along with that, it comes with a huge range of potential benefits for skin and hair. It is a potent blend of Vitamin E and fatty acids that helps to improve skin health.

Argan oil should be a staple in your natural beauty routine because it may be used on its own or as a carrier oil for essential oils. Here are some suggestions for using Argan oil on your hair, face, and body.

Hair Growth

Argan oil stimulates hair growth when applied to hair and scalp. The oil's phenols aid to strengthen hair follicles, while the antioxidants encourage cell synthesis, all of which contribute to healthy hair development. To extend and thicken hair, apply Argan oil to your scalp as a leave-in treatment and to your eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Eye Care

Argan oil works miraculously when it comes to taking care of your eye. When used as an eye oil, Argan oil can help reduce puffiness and inflammation around the eyes. Apply a few drops to your upper and lower eyelids and massage gently in a circular motion.

Dry skin

Argan oil is an excellent moisturiser that deeply hydrates dry skin because it is rich in Vitamin E, Oleic acid, and Linoleic acid. Argan oil, unlike lotions, repairs dry skin from the inside out, resulting in a healthy, smooth texture and appearance.

Nail and cuticle oil

Dehydration is the leading cause of thin, brittle nails and dry, tight cuticles. Argan oil can help strengthen your nails, soften your cuticles, support healthy nail development, and improve your nails' overall health and appearance because it's a great moisturiser.

Lip Moisturizer

Argan oil is a natural moisturiser and conditioner for the lips because it is high in vitamins A and E. Argan oil can help restore moisture and hydration to dry or flaky lips, resulting in healthy, soft lips. Apply overnight to your lips for fantastic lip treatment.

Sun Damage

Antioxidants in Argan Oil protect and restore your skin from sunburn, damage, and hyperpigmentation caused by exposure to the sun. Argan oil's many components act together to prevent the development of melanin.

If you have inflammatory skin disorders, proceed with caution. It may be used on all skin types since it is lightweight and does not leave the skin greasy.