Let the bracelet do the talking
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Let the bracelet do the talking

Choosing the right bracelet for any occasion can sometimes be a difficult task.

Let the bracelet do the talking

Sometimes, a bracelet is all you need to complete the look. Bracelets are an emerging fashion trend that can lift your style game. It may be chunky to go on a western outfit, or delicate to support your traditional attire.

Choosing the right bracelet for the occasion can sometimes be a difficult task. Accessories if not done right, can dim your style or make your look tacky. Don't worry, we have decided to be your fairy godmother and help you how to choose the right bracelet based on the occasion.

Choose the right style

When choosing a bracelet for your outfit, remember to contrast. If your dress is heavy then plain or light bracelets would look better on it. Similarly, heavy bracelets can lift a simple outfit. Moreover, the occasion also becomes important as you probably cannot wear a glittery bracelet at a work party. For the workplace, you can choose metallic bracelets for a classy appeal.

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Choosing the right size

Choose the right size of the bracelet and ensure that the bracelet is neither too small nor too big. This is important not just for your style but a tight piece of jewellery can have a negative influence on your skin.

Buy a good quality Bracelet

You must invest in a  good quality bracelet as it can last for a long time, and won't get discoloured or break soon. It will also not cause any irritation to your skin. Most importantly, good quality bracelets give a rich feel to your overall appearance and make you look more glam.

Try different styles

It's not easy to find the right design of bracelet as there are a lot of varieties that can leave you in a dilemma. Perhaps knowing the types of bracelets can help you choose better.

Bracelet style guide
Bangle bracelets when used with gemstone or diamond embellishments can make an elegant impression.
The beaded bracelets are stretchable and can use a different types of stones or pearls. This can be ideal for casual outings with friends.

Chain and link bracelets are made out of gold or silver or different metals.

Cuff bracelets are oval-shaped bangle bracelets. Cuff bracelets are open on the back or front giving a nice Indo western feel.