Magic of layering necklaces
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Magic of layering necklaces

It's a firm rule while layering neck jewelry to not choose less than 3 neckpieces and more than 5

Magic of layering necklaces

Vintage jewellery like hoops, zodiac jewellery, pearls and many more styles are again rocking our looks with an amazing comeback! But what if we try vintage jewellery with little change?

Remember the time when layering bracelets was so much in trend. It is still a style statement adorned by many of us, but why just stop at bracelets? Layering can be added to necklaces as well.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can up your layering game:

  • Try it out before you buy it

Before buying any of your necklaces, layer it properly on any flat surface or table and check the size.

  • Choose the correct size of your necklace

Layering your neck jewellery with perfect length will define your look, so choose them wisely. Make sure you have arranged your jewellery in ascending order from up to down. Shortest necklace should be placed first and the longest one last.

  • Not less than 3!

It's a firm rule while layering neck jewellery to not choose less than 3 neckpieces and more than 5. Why? You may ask. Well, it creates a pleasing look to the eyes. This you can even notice in other jewellery elements too, which creates balanced and symmetrical effects. Before buying them, check if each necklace is fitting properly, in size or width apart.

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Understand how to style them

  • First, necklace should be very close to your neck. You can choose something like choker bands, delicate necklaces or any other which is small in size.
  • Now as you layer your second chain, make sure the size of that layer is bigger and try to wear something in contrast.
  • Be wise while choosing the colour, texture and shape of your neckpieces.
  • Go with contrasting colours and this will add a beautiful look to your neck.
  • Choose different textures and patterns. You can go with simple chains, pearls and sparkling stones design.
  • Up your game and play with enamel, which will go best on your monochromatic dresses.
  • Keep a single thread, if you are wearing golden jewellery, stick to it and same goes with other colours.
  • Try to avoid heavy pendants while layering as it can create an inappropriate appearance.
  • If you want to try a minimalist look, try light chains with light pendant or no pendants.
  • Gold colour chains will go with all skin tones, so one can try that!
  • Ignore layering if there is not a proper length chain with equal gaps available.

Try out some of these trendy layering necklaces:
1. Coin necklace

Credit: Pinterest

2. Leaf shape

Credit: Pinterest 

3. Pearls

Credit: Pinterest

4. Zodiac signs

Credit: Pinterest 

Pop your outfit of the day with amazing layering of necklaces and rock the day!