Star Wars Day 2022: Know some unknown facts about the franchise!
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Star Wars Day 2022: Know some unknown facts about the franchise!

Everybody's favourite green Yoda was almost portrayed by a real monkey

Star Wars Day 2022: Know some unknown facts about the franchise!

Star Wars is a film series, which over the years, has become a global pop culture. The movie franchise has gained a big and loyal fan base and even though it's difficult to keep track of the timeline of Star wars movies, its fan love all of those films equally. May 4th is celebrated as the Star wars day, after fans turned the phrase 'may the force be with you' to 'may the fourth be with you'.

No matter how big a fan you are of any film or show, there are always some facts and information which is unknown to you. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some unknown trivial star wars that you should be aware of on this Star Wars Day-

A real monkey was supposed to portray Yoda

Everybody's favourite green Yoda was almost portrayed by a real monkey, as per J.W. Rinzler's book titled 'The Making Of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'. In addition, you can google it to confirm it, there really are images of a monkey in which he is wearing a mask and holding Yoda's cane.

R2-D2 used to speak English and was a bully

R2-D2 as we know and genuinely love simply talks in beep and whistling, a robotic vocabulary that most of its pals recognize. But R2-D2 did speak in full phrases in the very first draft of Star Wars, which was created in the year 1974. Worse, he was not the cute knucklehead he ultimately became later. He was really a bit of a bully, calling C-3PO "a stupid, worthless philosopher" and "nothing but a darkened, emotional brain intellectual."

For the first time, Boba Fett actually appears in a procession at a county fair

Boba Fett, the renowned bounty hunter, is thought to have first debuted in the 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. However, it is a little more complicated. In September 1978, during the San Anselmo Country Fair parade in California, this is the first time anybody saw Boba Fett.

The performers were kept in the dark about the iconic twist in The Empire Strikes Back

The person who actually portrayed Darth Vader in Chapter V was asked to say "Obi-Wan killed your father" rather than the phrase "I am your father," which will later get voiced by the voice actor of Darth Vader. That kept several crew members in the suspense about the surprising revelation until the end of the movie.

Yoda's tribe was never identified

That is correct. George Lucas made the decision to keep Yoda's tribe's identity and history a secret. "Since he's a mysterious character, a magical persona. He has no prior experience. He appears and then vanishes. He's the unknown disruptive visitor who appears in the movie and then vanishes at the conclusion" George said in one of his interviews.

CGI was used to construct all of the clone trooper costumes

CGI was used extensively in the 3 Stars Wars prequel movies. Even just the clone warrior suits were produced artificially. Because it was truly very difficult for real people to dress up in these costumes.

Every movie has the statement "I have a bad feeling about this."

Each Star Wars movie contains the line "I have a bad feeling about this." This has become such a frequent gag it is even used in George Lucas' non-Star Wars projects, such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.