Greno West, grappling with encroachment
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Greno West, grappling with encroachment

The roads and bylanes of the region can be seen crowded by unauthorised stalls on the sides

Greno West, grappling with encroachment

GreNo West: Greater Noida Authority, on May 3, 2022, took action against the encroachers in the GreNo West and removed their unauthorised stalls and makeshift homes. It was done on the road opposite to Gaur mall and outside the Gaur Saundaryam society. However, is it really the solution to this issue?

The issue of encroachment in GreNo West is not new. The roads and bylanes of the region can be seen crowded by unauthorised stalls on the sides by the encroachers. This, according to residents, leads to hindrance in traffic flow and also poses a safety threat to the residents of the nearby societies. The encroachment can be witnessed from the Char Murti circle to Itheda chowk, in the left slip lane of the bus stand.

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These street vendors, selling terracotta items to small toys, are a regular sight in GreNo West. From GreNo West's Ace Aspire society to Rise Resort market, the area which is the primarily dedicated to the golf club, is again a site of encroachment. According to residents, this gives rise to crimes like mobile and chain snatching and theft.

Earlier, with joint efforts of NEFOWA and Greater Noida Authority, a similar action was taken on March 21, 2022. However, the situation was back to as it was within a matter of few days. Even after this recent drive by the authority, the residents shared pictures showing that the encroachers were back at it.

Manish Kumar, Senior Vice President, NEFOWA says, “We keep raising complains about this issue. At the circle of Gaur Saundaryam, several accidents have happened because the encroachments lead to narrowing down of roads.”

Sumil Jalota, a resident of La Residentia society says, “Every day the encroachment is on a rise. Soon things will be out of control. Not just GNIDA, but we need prompt action from the DM and Noida police”.

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B.K. Bansal, a resident of Gaur Saundaryam says, “The encroachers are still here. There are 20 to 25 families who are living here and setting up their unauthorised stalls. There is a need of strict action from the authorities."

ACP Yogendra Singh, GB Nagar Police says, “We will give our full support to the Greater Noida authority in removing these encroachers. I will send the police force if we get any prior information."

Karan Singh, manager, Greater Noida Authority says, “From next time, we will involve Police in such drives. We will follow what ACP sir has said and I'll convey the message to my supervisor.”