GreNo West: Fire breaks out in Panchsheel Greens 2 at midnight
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GreNo West: Fire breaks out in Panchsheel Greens 2 at midnight

As per residents, they tried calling the fire brigade but there was no immediate response.

GreNo West: Fire breaks out in Panchsheel Greens 2 at midnight

Greater Noida West: At around 11:45 on the night of April 29, 2022, as the residents of Panchsheel Greens 2 were either asleep or preparing to go to bed, a massive fire broke out in the basement of tower B5 of the society. However, no loss of live or severity has been reported.

In the midnight, the residents took notice of the flames in the basement and gathered outside the tower. As per residents, they tried calling the fire brigade but there was no immediate response. The police reached on the ground and called the fire brigade, after which the brigade arrived at the spot. According to residents, this delay from the fire department's side led to the worsening of the situation.

According to residents, the cars were parked in the basement as the fire was spreading. To avoid any further mishap like blasting of a car, they took their vehicles out of the basement while it was still on fire. As the fire brigade arrived late, the residents also tried to control the fire by throwing sand and water at it. According to the residents, the fire brigade arrived at scene after almost one hour.

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Residents have expressed their anger against the maintenance team. They say that last month, the fire audit took place in the society and the NOC were given after checking everything. However, when no fire safety equipment is working, how did the team got the NOC?

The power of whole society was cut just after the fire broke out. This is because a shot circuit in the panel box in the basement has been identified as the reason for fire.

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The residents of the society are now grappling with lack of water and inability to cook food since last night owing to shot circuit and cut off of gas supply. However, the gas service have reportedly started restoring from 9 am phase-wise. Soon, every tower will get the gas services and they will be able to cook their meals. Residents are still awaiting restoration of water supply in the society.

Dipankar Kumar, Resident, Panchsheel Greens 2 says, “The electricity supply will also reportedly start soon in a few hours. However, the tower in which this incident happened, in B-5, we still don't know if electricity supply will be restored soon or not.”

He continues, “When the fire broke out, for 45 minutes, the society was under the dearth of unpleasant fumes and we were so scared
that we all came out of our flats and ran outside.”

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Diwakar Singh, a resident of the society while complaining about the delay of fire brigade, says, "At sharp 11.45 pm, the fire broke out in the panel box and everybody tried to control the fire from the available fire equipments in the society, but none of the fire safety equipment worked. We hand to hand informed about this incident to the police as well as the fire station. Officials including the fire brigade also came very late on the spot.”

Lokesh Singh, another resident of the society says, “There was a short circuit in a society tower and the maintenance team had no idea about the incident. There was no fire brigade for two hours. It is very irresponsible behaviour from their end."

The Police Commissioner of Gautam Buddh Nagar took to Twitter and informed the fire was doused at around 1 a.m. We tried to reach Agast Sahni, the Maintenance Manager, Panchsheel Greens 2 society to question about the non functioning fire equipment in the society but he disconnected the call. We will update his quote once we get in touch with him.