Greater Noida West: There is need for more fire stations, say residents
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Greater Noida West: There is need for more fire stations, say residents

Currently, there is only one fire station in Ecotech 3, Greater Noida West

Greater Noida West: There is need for more fire stations, say residents

Greater Noida West: The incidents of fire are not uncommon in GreNo West. However, one thing that is common and consistent in the region is the lack of enough fire stations.

A recent incident of fire that happened last night on April 29, 2022 in Panchsheel Greens 2 has left the residents frightened. According to the residents, it was the delay in the arrival of fire brigade that made the situation worse. This further testifies that the lack of fire stations in the region poses a safety threat to the residents.

Currently, there is only one fire station in the area while residents are demanding the Greater Noida Authority for at least one more fire station. The residents of GreNo West have been making this demand for quite some time now but no development is in sight in this regards.

Earlier, on April 18, 2022, an incident of fire was reported in the group housing society, Mayfair Residency. After two days, another fire incident was reported in the Palm Olympia on April 20, 2022. Residents alleged that owing to the distance, it takes a minimum of 20 minutes for the fire safety officials to reach the incident spot.

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Mahaveer Thusoo, a resident of Gaur City 2, 14th Avenue says, “In Greater Noida West, there is an urgent need for another fire station. The number of highrise societies in Greater Noida West and their population is increasing with each passing day, so authorities should provide atleast two to three fire stations in the diameter of 2 or 3 km."

Gaurav Patel, a resident of Shri Radha society, has regularly raised the issue with the authority. Says he, "This is not just the problem of one society, every society has been facing the same issue. This reflects the failure of Greater Noida Authority to build a better infrastructure of Greater Noida West.”

Manish Kumar, a resident of Ecovillage 2 and Senior Vice president of NEFOWA says, "In Ecotech itself, there are 12 societies, along with that, there are industries and factories that have their own requirement of fire tender. It takes a lot of time for fire brigade to reach the societies. Greater Noida has mostly high-rise residential societies but the ladders of the fire department hardly reach forth floor, thus, the fire department should install long ladders for safety purposes.”

Deepankar Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens 2 says, “There should be one more fire station in Greater Noida West. In our society, the fire brigafe reached after 50 minutes of the incident, due to which the residents of the society were angry and the fore got worse.”

Prateet Baijal, a resident of Mayfair Residney says, “The fire infrastructure of Greater Noida West is poor. Our society’s fire NOC is canclled and we have been complaining about our issue to the Chief Fire Officer. However, no action has been taken so far. To reach on spot on time, there is an urgent need of one more fire station.”

Sumil Jalota, a resident of Laa Residentia says, “In 2019 August, we have shared a presentation to the Commissioner of Police. We proposed that Ecotech 12 is the appropriate location to install another fire station in Greater Noida West. There is a major requirement for another fire station. The population of Greater Noida West is more than 2 lakhs. Greater Noida Authority should install few fire tenders on different spots, which will be helpful for the residents.”