Apple discontinues iPod, the end of an era
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Apple discontinues iPod, the end of an era

We talked to some people who shared their memories of the iPod.

Apple discontinues iPod, the end of an era

Around 20 years ago, Apple came up with a device that allowed us to carry the whole of our music collection wherever we went. The small pocket-sized iPod was certainly a revolutionary device that took the entire world by storm. Almost everyone wanted to get their hands on the new iPod to either show off or genuinely listen to music. Anyways, it was something that changed the way we listened to music.

However, after twenty years of the launch of the iconic iPod, Apple has discontinued it and it feels like the end of something personal. The handiest gadget of all times, when there were no smartphones or digital cameras, products like the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle were the real deal.

We talked to some people who shared their memories of the iPod.

Dr Akash Verma, Ph.D. in Environment Science who lives in Singapore, says, "I bought my first iPod during my undergrad, and I remember it being the simplest but most functional music player that I had. It was my first Apple product. I remember the lightweight design, which was easy to clip onto clothing. The battery life was amazing. The only downside was I had to use iTunes to transfer music to it".

Simran Sandhu, a resident of Pune, has always cherished her iPod nano which had a touch screen and a camera. She says, "There was a time when having an iPod was one of the best feelings in the world. We were not introduced to hi-tech phones back then, so my father bought us the revolutionary iPods. My brother and I watched movies and listened to our favorite 90s songs on the device. There are times when I open my almirah, and the moment I look at it, it brings me a lot of joy from the past. My iPod holds a special space in my life and my drawer as well.

Pratap Singh, an MBA student from Delhi, says, "Even though technology has advanced to unprecedented levels, there are times when all a person wants to do is to listen to music. There are so many apps on phones nowadays that can detract from one's music listening experience. iPods were not only less expensive than modern apple smartphones, but they were also more durable. My iPods are certainly very special to me."

While several music streaming apps attempt to replicate what iPod did, the iPod made managing one's music library extremely simple and intuitive. It was indeed a classic piece of technology.