Why is Yamuna Expressway an accident-prone zone
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Why is Yamuna Expressway an accident-prone zone

12 people have died in road accidents on the Yamuna expressway in the last 6 days

Why is Yamuna Expressway an accident-prone zone

In the last seven days, two accidents took place on Yamuna-Agra Expressway. In those two accidents around twelve people lost their lives, and four were injured and still battling for their lives in hospital.

Five people including four women died in an accident on the Yamuna Expressway on 12 May at 5 am when the SUV Mahindra Bolero rammed into the bumper of the truck. Five people were declared, brought dead by the Kailash hospital and two are undergoing treatment. Whereas on May 7, 2022, a family met with an accident, in which seven people died and two were found injured.

According to state reports, 31 road accidents took place in December 2021. The main reason given behind it is the existence of fog. However, what could be the reason for accidents taking place during Summers?

CitySpidey decided to understand the cause of these multiple accidents on Yamuna-Agra Expressway. 

Dr. Sewa Ram, Department of Head, Road and transport planning, says, "Tyres burst due to over speeding and hot climate, which can  sometimes lead to major accidents in the area."

According to the report published on the website 'The Accident Guys', the main reasons for an accident are drivers involved in reckless driving, violation of traffic rules, failure to understand signs, drinking and driving, and careless pedestrian behaviour while crossing the road.

Dr Sewa Ram, Head of Department, Road and Transport planning says, "Sometimes the heavily loaded vehicles come in high speed, stopping them may lead to some uncertainty as they are unable to balance and it's difficult to stop the vehicle instantly."

In 2021, the no. of accidents reported is 4,512 of which 1,145 were fatal accidents. A total of 1,151 lost their life due to road accidents in Delhi in 2020 whereas, in 2021, a total of 1,180 died in fatal accidents reported."

We also talked to a few residents to know about their views on this. 

Namrata a resident of Greater Noida says, "There is no zebra crossing or crossover bridge for pedestrians. Sometimes, the vehicles tyres blast because of high speed.  After changing the tyres, people leave their punctured tires on the road which later become the reason of accidents."

Saradhha Rajpoot, a resident of Gautam Buddha Nagar says, "The main reason for the accidents in summer is laziness. The Expressway is a long route and people feel sleepy and tired while driving and because of that these types of accidents happen."

Concluding about the main reason for the accidents, Dr. Sewa says, "Monotonous path designs tend to cause more accidents. We must design path turning at the roads so the drivers can remain conscious while driving."