Be Alert! Phone snatching gangs active in Noida
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Be Alert! Phone snatching gangs active in Noida

Two men on a bike looted a mobile phone from a car.

Be Alert! Phone snatching gangs active in Noida

Noida: In today's tech-dependent world, it's impossible to live without your mobile phone. Your phones have many personal and financial details. It also has our money, banking details, health applications, and much more. 

As gathered, gangs active in Noida and Greater Noida West are snatching the telephones of residents. The latest incident happened at Parthla Chowk where two men on a bike looted a mobile phone from a man in a car.

Abhishek Kumar, a resident of Fusion Homes, Greater Noida West, mentioned in his complaint to the Police that on May 9, 2022, when he was returning home from the Parthala chowk, the traffic was heavy and the vehicles were static. He was waiting for the traffic to move when suddenly a man came and started hitting the driver's seat window glass. 

Abhishek Kumar

When he asked why is he doing that, the man said, "You hit my leg while driving" After this, the other guy started banging on the other windows of the car. When he looked in the other direction, the first person put his hands inside his car and picked up both his phones from the car seat and ran away.

A similar incident was reported a few days back in Ek Murti circle opposite Cherry County. Alok Tiwari, a resident of Fusion homes says, “This incident took place at 6 pm which is a peak hour for office workers to return home. This gang is active in Noida now, they pretend as if you had hurt them while driving and as you open the gate or mirror of the car, they snatch away your valuable items.”

Alok Tiwari
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He continues, “Even the joggers and cyclists are their target. One evening, at Ek murti circle, I saw one biker chasing the jogger and as he took out his phone to do something from his pocket, a man on a bike snatched his mobile and ran away. Some action needs to be taken as soon as possible."

After this, Abhishek went to Sector 71 Phase 3 police station to register a complaint of mobile snatching. Abhishek alleges that he could not file his complaint as the authorities asked him to file it under 'missing phone'. Aggrieved by the incident, he says, “After sitting for many hours in the police station, I said that I will not write that my mobile is missing in my complaint because it was snatched, resulting in the complaint not being filed."

When he returned home, he tried to trace his phone by using the trace option. He found the location at Chajarasi village at night. Thereafter, he went and inquired for a second-hand phone at local shops pretending to be a customer. No one said anything. He returned home and informed the police about it and requested them to go to that place and arrest the snatchers. The next day at 10 am, he wrote the complaint application and the Police registered his complaint and forwarded the information to the cyber cell.

Abhishek further added, “If the action was taken quickly, I could have got my phone back till now. The investigation is still in process but who can say how long it will take. I am tracking the phone continuously."

To know more about the Police proceeding, we contacted Arvind Kumar, Inspector, Phase 3 Police station sector 71 and Sub Inspector Rudra Pratap SI, Police station Phase 3. Pratap says, "We are working on this matter. We are continuously talking to Arvind sir and the phone was traced yesterday. As the location is continuously getting traced to the same location, I along with my team are working on this and soon the result will be in front of you.”