Don't let your makeup melt with these tips
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Don't let your makeup melt with these tips

When it becomes hot outdoors, look for makeup items with a matte finish to help them last longer.

Don't let your makeup melt with these tips

For the warmer months, not only does your skincare regimen should be revamped, but so does your makeup procedure. Summer brings humidity and too much oil to the skin. It is a combo that will not inspire confidence and also decreases makeup longevity. In summers, your makeup can ‘melt' in the heat and leave your face looking unattractive. So, it is necessary to make some changes in your summer makeup.

Here is the list of tips for summer proof makeup:

Start with a primer

A primer is able to prepare the perfect base for your makeup, as well as ensuring that it lasts for a long time. Gel-based primers, used as the first stage of makeup, can help give your skin a matte finish look in the summer and also hide all the wrinkles, spots and fine lines.

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Waterproof makeup

For summer months, waterproof varieties of your preferred beauty products can protect your skin and make up from sweat. They're designed to last a long period of time and are great for base and eyes. Waterproof beauty products makeup is essential and must haves for the summer season.

Look for matte texture and finish

When it becomes hot outdoors, look for makeup items with a smooth matte finish to help them last longer. Moisturisers, highlighters, and products which contain oil formulas should be avoided because the moisture content in the atmosphere will make your skin sticky and oily.

Pay attention to your eye makeup

Summer puts your eye makeup or eye-do at risk because sweat can make creases on your eyelids, making your eyeshadow look thick. Make absolutely sure your eyelids are primed before applying an eye shadow. Wipe leftover cosmetics products from your eyelids with a face wipe, then dry and apply eyeshadow primer upper side. This beauty hack can also be used to coat  the pigment of your liner.

Lock everything with makeup setting spray

As a last step, a makeup setting spray is required to complete your makeup look. The strategy also secures in all of your beauty products, ensuring that they last till you start removing them with makeup cleanser. Always carry a pack of small  cleansers and sprays in your bag for touch-ups during the day.

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