Dwarka: Open drains and dirty streets in Sector 8 troubling residents
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Dwarka: Open drains and dirty streets in Sector 8 troubling residents

CitySpidey talked to residents of Dwarka Sector 8 and nearby areas to know more about this issue

Dwarka: Open drains and dirty streets in Sector 8 troubling residents

Dwarka: Open manholes with no drain covers is a common sight in Dwarka. This poses a safety threat to the pedestrians and commuters in Dwarka. Whether it's a master plan road footpath or a footpath within the sectors, the drain covers seem to be missing.

One such open drain can be found on the footpath near Dwarka Sector 8 and nearby locations. If an unwitting individual falls into this drain, the consequences could be disastrous.

CitySpidey talked to residents of Dwarka Sector-8 and nearby areas to understand more about this issue.

Shobha Sharma, a resident of Dwarka sector 8, says “This is a very big concern because it’s very dangerous for people as well as animals. Last week, a street dog fell down in one of the open drains and lost its life. This can happen with kids also. The open drains need to be covered as soon as possible.”

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Nakul Lamba, a resident of Shahabad Mohammad Pur, says “My house is situated on the main road and in front of my house, there is a footpath with an uncovered drain. A few weeks back, my nephew was about to fall in that drain while playing. I have requested the SDMC to cover it as soon as possible but nothing has happened.”

Krishna Devi, another resident of Shahbad Mohammad Pur, says “With open drains, the problem of dirty streets is also a matter of concern. In my locality, the streets are very dirty and lead to several health problems. However, we can't only blame the authorities. It is residents' duty as well to ensure clean roads.”

Vishakha Vishwakarma, a resident of Dwarka says, “Open drains need to be shut as soon as possible otherwise it will lead to a dangerous accident. I can’t leave my kid and pet alone to play outside because I'm afraid that they might fall into these open drains. The toxic gases released from that drain can be dangerous for our health.”

Joginder Kumar, a resident of Dwarka Sector 8 says, “The smell of toxic gases is unbearable. It’s very important to cover these drains to avoid any mishap. The streets need to be clean on a daily basis, so commuters and residents can live peacefully."