The spicy and aromatic Kashmiri Kahwa!
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The spicy and aromatic Kashmiri Kahwa!

Kahwa is understood to spice up the system and is an antioxidant too

The spicy and aromatic Kashmiri Kahwa!

New Delhi: It's a season of hot days and sultry nights, but did you recognise that a cup of lovely tea can refresh you which nothing else can? Choose a flavour that you simply love and it can make the top of your day even as good as when it began.

Born in Kashmiri family, I know kahwa is a medicine for everything like: Cold, cough, fever etc. I always love the fragrance of cinnamon laced with a hint of cardamom in your tea. This tea, which is a blend of green tea leaves, saffron, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, and Kashmiri rose, is far loved, both for its taste and for its many benefits.

It  is usually served with sugar or honey and crushed almonds or walnuts to feature a richer texture to the brew. The tea leaves aren’t brewed for quite 30 seconds (over brewing will make it bitter). Kahwa is understood to spice up the system and is an antioxidant too.

A fascinating origin story

Let’s understand the birth of kahwa. How did it come to be the foremost loved beverage of not only Kashmiris but also of individuals in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other regions of Central Asia? It is interesting to note that the word “kahwa” itself has Arabic origin, which is why it is also called Arabic kahwa.

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Tracing its origin further back in history, we'll come to understand that Kashmiris won’t get their special teas from China through Tibet. It is believed that Kahwa tea leaves came to Kashmir through the notorious Spice Route, though some people say it originated in the Yarkand valley during the Kushan empire in the first and second century AD. Though its origins are still a matter of debate, today kahwa is Kashmir’s trademark beverage and is often called the ‘magic tea’. Well, it makes perfect sense that heaven on earth is home to magic tea.

How to make special Kashmiri kahwa:

  1. Take three cups of water during a pot or the other utensil you employ for creating tea.
  2.  Add saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and boil for 10 minutes.
  3. Add the crushed tea leaves and let it steep over a low flame and let the flavours mix into the water.
  4. Add sugar/honey if required.
  5. Strain the tea in a cup.
  6. Add crushed lots of almonds on top and serve hot. You can also add saffron strands (optional) for enhanced flavour.

Why should you have Kashmiri kahwa?

  1. It is a natural detox for your system, having a cup of kahwa ensures that the toxins in your body are flushed out.
  2. It relieves stress and improves your concentration.
  3. It aids in weight loss, and each spice boosts your metabolism.
  4. It is beneficial in fighting headache and migraine.
  5. It is suitable for your eyesight.
  6. It energises you and makes you feel active.

Try Kashmiri kahwa at home!!

Note: On the occasion of International Tea Day, we have replugged this story.