Gaur City 2: Residents raise the issue of encroachment of green spaces
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Gaur City 2: Residents raise the issue of encroachment of green spaces

Grenowest, always under the dearth of encroachments, is now facing the encroachment by cab drivers

Gaur City 2: Residents raise the issue of encroachment of green spaces

Greater Noida West: Residents of Gaur City 2 have raised the issue of encroachment in front of societies such as 14th Avenue, 16th Avenue and Raksha Adella. Residents complain that these spaces which are reportedly being used as parking lots are dedicated green areas. Thus, it is not acceptable to them.

Residents say that at any given time, one can see 30-40 cabs parked near these societies without any authorisation. Residents allege that if they ask the drivers to go away, they fight with them.

Abhishek Anand, a resident of 16th Avenue says, “This is an everyday issue. More than 30 taxis were parked on the morning of May 20. The drivers were engaged in talking on the road, disturbing the traffic, and seen openly defecating. This is uncomfortable especially for the women who go out jogging. This problem is becoming bigger day by day."

He continues, “We are tired of seeking help from authorities. No one is helping us in removing these cabs from here. Earlier they were 9-10 drivers every day, nowadays the number has increased to 30-40 vehicles.”

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Manish Kumar, NEFOWA says, “There is encroachment, an illegal taxi stand has been created on the service road near 14th avenue in Greno West Sector-16C. Authorities must ensure proper action as this is a big problem."

Arnimesh Kumar, President, Aishwaryam says, “People are facing problems due to unauthorised parking and encroachment by vendors or drivers. We have made several appeals to GNIDA and the Police department. People living here are also equally responsible for this situation. We do blame the authorities, one should learn parking discipline.”

We contacted the Traffic Inspector of the area Shailendra Singh to inform him about this matter. On this note, he says, “Gaur city 2 is under my aegis. We will work on this promptly. We will investigate this today evening itself as well as early morning tomorrow. The green belt can not be converted into an illegal parking spot. We will try our best to solve this problem in two days. I will impose challans and remove encroachment from the green spaces."