People of Delhi NCR grieve KK’s demise
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People of Delhi NCR grieve KK’s demise

“This is shocking. My heart is broken, a valuable part of my childhood is gone."

People of Delhi NCR grieve KK’s demise

Krishnakumar Kunnath, famously known as KK, was an artist whose magical vocals defined what love and friendship was, especially for the millennials. From experiencing first love to going through what a heartbreak feels like, his voice gave life to these emotions and experiences. He was an intrinsic part of everyone's playlist who grew up listening to Bollywood songs.

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, a wave of grief and sadness paved its way across the world as the news of his demise came out. It was certainly a big blow to the music industry and his fans are still trying to process that the man who voiced their favourite songs was no more.

CitySpidey talked to KK's fans from Delhi NCR to know how they are feeling and processing the loss of one of the best artists to grace Bollywood music scene-

Shashi Bala, a resident of Nirala Aspire, GrenoWest says, "After listening the news, I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking how could this happen to someone whom everyone loved. Even though we didn't know him personally, he truly was with everyone of us with his songs."

Shweta Bharti, a social activist and General Secretary of NEFOWA, took it to twitter to say, “Do not get separated from anyone. Don't make someone cry. Don't feel nobility by insulting someone. Don't take advantage of someone's situation. Life is really short...too short. Be generous, learn the art of giving, giving happiness and memories.”

Shelly Jain, a resident of ShakarPur, New Delhi says, “This is shocking. My heart is broken, a valuable part of my childhood is gone. Everything, from broken heart to first love and school memories, is attached to his songs. I still can't believe he is no more. May his soul rest in peace.”

Azeem Khan, a resident of Nirala Estate says, "This news disturbed me a lot and to pay tribute to him, I cycled non-stop for 100 km while his songs were playing on loop in my mind, his songs were running nonstop that gave me the strength to carry on."

Rakhi Sinha, a resident of Ward 2-A Sector 28, Noida says, “His song 'yaaro dosti badi haseen' will forever be one of my favourites. He has gone soon."

Brajesh Sharma, a resident of Antriksh Golf View 2 says, “When I was a student in IIT Delhi, we got the opportunity to hear his golden voice in a concert. The energy that day was mind blowing. His loss is an emotional shock to all his fans in India and worldwide”

Rashmi Pandey, a resident of Saviour Greenarch, GreNo West says, “He was a true legend. My daughter told me about this loss as she is a singer, and she is very sad. A day before his demise, she was humming his song, such was his presence in our lives. This is an irrevocable loss for everyone."

Sumit Gupta, a resident of Samriddhhi Grand avenue, Greater Noida West says, “It is a really sad news. And as a fan of KK, I have grown up listening to his songs 'yaro dosti' or 'pal rahe yaa naa rahe kal'. Just want to say life is unpredictable .”

Ritesh Mishra, cyclist of Noida Extension Cycling club (NECC) says, “The passing away of the legendary playback singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK will be marked as the end of an era. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Amir Haidar, a resident of Supertech Oxford Square says, “I will always remember KK. His songs like 'Yaron dosti badi hi haseen hai', 'Ye pal', will always remain close to my hearts. These are the songs I play when I go for a drive.”

Nisha Rai, a social activist says, “I am indeed sad by KK's demise. He sang flawlessly and he had the ability to turn everyone into his fan. His demise at an early age just tells how pressure can take a toll on someone's health. My favourite song of his is 'Ye pal'."