'KK's demise feels like a personal loss,' say millenials
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'KK's demise feels like a personal loss,' say millenials

For many, KK songs were not random lyrics, they held a deeper meaning

'KK's demise feels like a personal loss,' say millenials

The untimely demise of KK, the voice of love, the king of 90's era songs, has left a massive void in the hearts of his fans. The singer lost his life soon after performing at a Kolkata concert. Whether you call it a mere coincidence or irony, his last song was 'Hum rahein ya na rahein kal'.

For many, KK's songs were not random lyrics, they held deeper meaning and feeling, and were a cure to loneliness. His songs worked like medicine for the soul, which directly dwelled in our hearts. He dominated every emotion, whether it was celebrating friendship with 'Pal', 'Yaaron', crying with 'Maine Dil Se Kaha', or expressing love with 'O Meri Jaan'.

Art and music, when deep and moving, leave an indelible mark on people, and that is what KK did to his fans. We talked to some youngsters to know what KK meant to them.

Deepshika Gupta, 25, a journalist, says, " It almost feels like a piece of our childhood and adolescence has left us with so many unresolved emotions today. Even today, my playlist is full of KK songs. We, millennials unwittingly whizzed his melodies in our heads every time we experienced romance or heartbreak because you don't just listen to those songs; you experience them. Someone correctly stated that KK was the voice of our collective nostalgia because hearing one song instantly transports you back to older, simpler times."

Nisha Sharma, 24, a student, says, "KK was not just a singer for me. He was more of a friend whose songs accompanied me in loneliness, his songs would calm my soul. Being a 90's kid, my entire teenage life is dedicated to KK. There are times when I plug my earphones and listen to his tunes all day, and his music brings back my old simpler times. His few are pure representations of how I would feel. I still cannot believe that KK is no more. Yet, I am grateful for his music and songs like 'beete lamhay' or 'yaron dosti'. They were are will be a force to rekindle the memories and stir my soul with positive emotions."

Shazil Hussain, 27, an aspiring auto journalist, has been a KK fan since childhood. "Even before I could understand good music, I knew KK represents good music. I had heard that he was never classically trained, yet he was so good. I was in my school choir for many years and I used to think that if an untrained singer can be this great, I can do it too. ," says he.

Good people and good artists were always an inspiration for Shazil, and KK was one of them. His art could speak for his character.

He continues, "I can't think of any singer other than KK with zero bad songs. If I were to answer a question about which is my favourite KK song, I'd never be able to tell. All his songs are my favourite in some sense. He was one of the most versatile singers; his beautiful voice suited every song he sang. His songs have made me understand various emotions. Everyone has some unfulfilled dreams; one of mine will be to attend his live concert."

Gunit Mahajan, 22, a student of engineering says, "I have come across the loss of many great artists, but nothing feels like the passing away of KK! This feels, rather is, a personal loss! My childhood, young romances, and entire growing up phase has been spent listening to his songs. May this legend rest in peace."