BTS: V sings romantic hindi song!
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BTS: V sings romantic hindi song!

Anshuman Sharma, a musician, created a video where V was seen singing in Hindi

BTS: V sings romantic hindi song!

K-pop band BTS has billions of followers across the world including India. There are several BTS fan pages that share edits, including the Bollywood songs. Indian BTS ARMY is obsessed and absolutely in love with these video edits where the group members V, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM, J-Hope are most of the time seen grooving to the beats of popular Hindi numbers.

After YouTuber Anshuman Sharma’s BTS edit went viral where Jungkook sang in Hindi, he posted another edited video on his Instagram for all V Aka Kim Taehyung’s fans.

This time, Anshuman created a video where V was seen singing in Hindi as he plays the keyboard. “Aa na, koi na roke roke, Main, tumhe karun pyaar, tumhe karun pyaar, koi na roke roke,” sang Taehyung.

The video featured montages from the Christmas Tree singer’s live sessions. Anshuman Sharma shared the video with the caption, “If Taehyung was a Bollywood singer? Tag someone who’s Taehyung biased Thank ya’ll for your love on the JK one, here’s another one for you guys after so many requests! Follow me if you haven’t already! Save & Share this for more!” The song romantic edit, which has dropped just in time for Valentine’s Day, has the Indian BTS ARMY swooning

After, this video was posted Indian BTS Army got impressed with the edit and tweeted about it:

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