Women of strength, courage, and creativity from Dwarka
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Women of strength, courage, and creativity from Dwarka

We bring to you two mompreneurs from Dwarka who prove where there is a will, there is a way.

Women of strength, courage, and creativity from Dwarka

Starting something of your own is not a cakewalk. The beginning always requires courage and a lot of hard work. But if you achieve what you had set out for, that satisfaction is unmatchable. Here, we will meet two mompreneurs from Dwarka who prove where there is a will, there is a way.

What began as a hobby is now a reality for Pooja Sherawat Jetli, a resident from Dwarka. Pooja left her well-paying job as a senior merchandiser due to some unforeseen circumstances four years ago. Pooja was always a hobby baker, she loved to bake cakes for her friends and family. When there was a gathering or party she would bake for everybody. Those who ate her preparations thought that it was of professional quality but still she never thought of it as a profession.

One fine day, Pooja visited her Buddhism club along with freshly baked homemade cake for the kids. However, it was not just the kids who loved the cake, but everyone present there. She received several cake orders instantly. This was the beginning of her venture, 'Minstreat,' that she has nurtured with love and care over the last four years.

Pooja's baked goods are handcrafted from her kitchen. The Minstreat bakes all of its cakes from scratch using handpicked ingredients. Pooja's menu is not limited to cakes; she has brownies, cake pops, cookies, cupcakes, jar Desserts and muffins.

Pooja's cakes are loved all over Delhi NCR. Her customers are a fan of her baking and diligent delivery services. Now, Pooja is happy that she left her job and pursued her hobby.

Chitra Vishwanath is a tigress from Dwarka who believes in fighting against all odds. With many arrows in her quiver, she has led an inspiring life.

Chitra who hails from the small village of Jalgaon, Maharashtra has faced many hardships and challenges throughout her life. She started working at an early age to support her family. Currently, she runs a business of artificial jewelry, where she sells and customises it.
Chitra always had the urge to start something of her own in life and inspire other women to be self-sufficient. She is a certified handicrafts designer from the ministry of handicrafts. She started her entrepreneurial journey 18 years ago.

"I can never stay idle, I always need something on my hands. When my jewellery business slows down during the offseason, I make authentic homemade south Indian delicacies. And people love it. They tell me that they find it nice and warm. Selling jewellery and part-time catering is not the only job I have- I paint, teach, sell occasional items according to the market demands."

Moreover, Chitra is a trained Bharatnatyam, dancer also a cultural head of the community she lives in, who regularly organises events where she organises everything with her fellow partners.

Chitra dedicates her success to her husband who has supported her throughout her journey and the love of her two children.
"Whatever I am today is because of my husband and my strong will to never settle for less," says Chitra Vishwanath.