Meet the Mompreneurs of Noida extension
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Meet the Mompreneurs of Noida extension

These brave ladies of Noida extension followed their hearts and are supporting their families!

Meet the Mompreneurs of Noida extension

Mothers, who are not just owning the responsibility of their children but are also running their own enterprises are truly an inspiration. There is so much to learn from them, balance between personal and professional life and time management to name a few. When women decide to go out there and build a place and identity for themselves, it s but evident that a lot of challenges come their way. Several factors contribute to the success of a mompreneur, the support of family being one of them.

In the series of the amazing mompreneurs from NCR, today we present to you these three very impressive ladies from Noida extension, who are putting shoulders together in this male-dominated society.

Priti Gupta, A mompreneur from Radha Sky Garden, mother of 5 year old Maruti,

Priti Gupta
Credit: Supplied

is a 'one-woman army'. She is a single parent. She is raising her child by herself and while talking about her struggles, she simply laughs and says, "I work for my son. He is my source of energy. I'm a mob lynch survivor, I was ditched by my husband, but still, I am happy and have the courage to let this society know that no one can bring me down. We can build our own place and this society can't do anything about it." This lady holds the opinion that no work is small as long as you and your family are happy. She says, "However, in my case, happiness is not the prime concern. My priority is to fulfil every need of my son so he doesn't feel he is lacking something." Priti Gupta is a rising name in Noida as her property dealing business is making a big name in NCR. She adds, "They say property dealer profile is only for males. They have not met me yet I guess. I will make a name in this sector and my son will be proud of me."

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Aarti Gupta, mother of two, a resident of Panchsheel Greens 1, is a fashion expert.

Aarti Gupta
Credit: Supplied

She has a diploma in fashion designing and is working well in this field. She runs a high-end boutique in her flat. Her designs, fabric, and stitching has garnered her a good reputation. She has clients not only from her society but also from other places in Noida. Because Aarti hails from Mathura, she is fond of yellow colour and makes beautiful chaniya choli. On being asked about how her family has been on this journey, she says "My family has been extremely supportive of me, especially my husband. He is my biggest cheerleader."

Nisha Sharma, a resident of Radha Sky Garden, is also a great chef!

Nisha Sharma 
Credit: Supplied

When we asked her about her journey, she says, "When 16 years back I shifted here, I saw people eating packaged food. After a few years of constantly coming across such people who are out and far from their families not getting proper food, it hit me hard. When I saw girls living in PG and how they eat food and sometimes even sleep without food, it gave me an idea." And that was the foundation of her Aditi Tiffin Services, which is google approved and has 5-star rating tiffin service in Noida. She named the service after her 15 year old daughter. She has another younger daughter who is just two and a half years old. Her husband is working in a private company. Says she, "It's been 5 years, and not a single day have I slept without feeding people." She belongs to Himachal Pradesh and her cuisine includes proper himachali dishes too. During Covid wave, she served simple nutritious food to the patients.