Noida societies take the 'Contactless' way to curb Covid
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Noida societies take the 'Contactless' way to curb Covid

Many societies around Noida and Noida ext are using applications to monitor the entry of visitors

Noida societies take the 'Contactless' way to curb Covid

The country is once again under the threat of Covid-19. Covid cases are on the rise all over Delhi NCR. Whether it is masking up or social distancing, we need to take all precautions to contain this spread. Amidst this, the Contactless visitor management system is gaining momentum in the high rise societies of Noida.

Though society management solutions are not new, it is only recently that residents have started exploring its features.

Many societies around Noida and Noida extension are using applications to monitor the entry of visitors and allow for a contactless delivery system. Some of these are the Nobrokerhood app and the Mygate app. The contactless visitor management system also includes thermal scanning, sanitising, social distancing, and ensuring masks at entry.

At SKA Greenarch society, people have turned to contactless deliveries to get essential items delivered right to their homes without having to come in close quarters with anyone. The users have to scan the QR Code allotted to the residential community, after which the visitor would be led to the check-in form. Once the form has been filled, the visitor would receive an OTP, which would complete the visitor verification process.

Rahul Kamboj, Maintenance Manager, SKA Greenarch says, "We are very well versed with the new system and alert. This society is home for us and each resident is our family member. We take every preventive measure that no one gets infected. Our security guard team is actively monitoring visitor management."

Ajnara Le Garden is also using contactless visitor management systems. As gathered by the security team, all visitors have to undergo thermal scanning upon entry. If anyone is detected with fever, entry is denied. The housekeeping department is instructed to sanitise the whole block and every floor using strong disinfectants. Along with monitoring, the society management also holds vaccination camps, distributes masks and sanitisers to house help, car washers, drivers and gardeners among others.

Amit Choudhary, Security Officer, Ajnara Le Garden, says. "Our people are our asset and we cannot be careless regarding their health. We try every possible step which leads to the betterment of our residents. We help everyone including our domestic aids and workers in the society for Covid related needs because humanity is above all for us".

Supertech Ecovillage 3

Ajit Singh, Estate Manager, Supertech Ecovillage 3 says, "We share a strong bond with our residents. Everyone's safety is a priority and humanity is primary for us. We sanitise all block lifts each day. All common areas are mopped using a strong disinfectant, house helps are not allowed to enter without the mask. If they do not have it then we provide them masks and sanitisers."

A picture from Nirala Aspire 

Nirala Aspire society is making use of the MyGate App to monitor its visitors. CitySpidey was pleased to see contactless sanitiser vending machines at every block.  Along with a lady officer, Jitendra Singh, a Client Service associate was readily available at the main gate to resolve any problems that come in managing visitors. He said, "It's a digital thing so many times problems arise, so I make sure to guide everyone through it."