Noida- Is negligence in home isolation leading to increase in Covid cases?
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Noida- Is negligence in home isolation leading to increase in Covid cases?

It is mandatory to complete the home isolation tenure of seven days

Noida- Is negligence in home isolation leading to increase in Covid cases?

The COVID-19 cases seem to be at a galloping high rate. With Gautam Buddh Nagar district recording 1,992 COVID-19 infections on January 12, 2022,  the total tally of active cases reached 9,300, the highest for any district in Uttar Pradesh. Even though it is mandatory to complete the home isolation tenure of 7 days, for people with minimal or no symptoms as per the guidelines provided by the ministry of Health, doctors suspect things may be far from perfect here. Perceived laxity in home isolation may be one major factor fuelling this rapid increase in Covid-19 cases.   

The problem is that despite their best efforts people find it difficult to practice complete isolation while staying at home. Given the circumstances, and the highly infectious nature of the new variant, it is often a very difficult challenge. And many are failing in it despite their best efforts. 

Palak Nagar, Graphic Designer, who is currently home isolated with her entire family says, "My father got Covid positive first and then we immediately isolated him in a separate room. We did follow all the guidelines. However, within 2 days the rest of us also get covid positive , including my mom, brother and me. We are following all the protocols. My mom and dad are in the same room, brother in another and I am staying outside. We have two washrooms, so after use we are sanitizing the surface. Checking oxygen daily. Eating in disposable  plates. But there is only one issue, as here all 4 have covid, so we  are eating food made by mom".

Sanwarjeet Singh, a resident of Noida, who is home quarantined along with his wife and two children, says, "I was tested Covid positive along with my wife. Our children are very small, my daughter is 10 years old and son is 7 years. They cannot sleep without me. My daughter was taking care  of her brother but then how long she can. They both had a fever few days before and then they were tested covid positive".

Dr. Belal Bin Asaf, Thoracic (Chest), Thoracoscopic and robotic surgeon, Medanta Hospital says, " The virus is less severe in comparison to what we saw in the second wave. However because of this there is a possibility that people are taking it a little lightly and not adhering to proper Covid Guidelines.  If anyone has developed symptoms then they should immediately isolate themselves and not wait for a positive test."

He adds further, "When we say home isolation then it means a separate room with a window for ventilation and an attached bathroom for separate use. Whoever is taking care of you must leave your food at the doorstep. This is what ideally home quarantine is. Also during home quarantine everyone should be wearing N95 masks. Especially in cases where parents are positive and isolating in the same house with their children."  

Dr Pradeish, MBBS, working as a duty medical official, says, "People are not following and maintaining the recommended home isolation guidelines properly. Lack of cross  ventilation, overcrowding,  Not following standard protocols - mask, sanitiser and maintaining  safe distance are all the contributors. People who have taken 2 doses  of vaccine , and SpO2 over 93 can very well isolate themselves in home and watch  for worsening symptoms and rush to Covid facility upon emergency. They should follow all the guidelines in home isolation as not following it puts their other family at risk. Also add more numbers in active cases".

He further, says, "People who are in home isolation, incase they have history of obstructive pulmonary disease / bronchial asthma etc they may be put on inhalers or  nebulisers.Inhalers are fine to use during covid time where as nebulisers use has to be restricted".

Dr DK Gupta, chairman of Felix Hospital, says, "During treatment, it has been seen that due to the  negligence being done in home isolation, other members of the family  are getting infected. The Central Government has made changes in the guidelines for home isolation. Such patients who have spent seven days at home after becoming positive and who have not had fever for the last three days will not be in home isolation  and will be considered healthy. Patients with such mild symptoms do not  need to be re-examined after the completion of the period of  isolation."

He further says, " At present, asymptomatic Covid patients are those whose Covid test comes positive but they do not show any symptoms of  Covid or have mild symptoms. Such patients can infect many people. Patients who are above 60 years of age and have hypertension,  diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver disease. They are not being  given home isolation without a checkup. Patients who are undergoing  cancer treatment or have a case of HIV or a transplant, are not kept  in isolation if they are Covid positive".